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Building your own PC is a rewarding experience. You can tailor your system to your exact needs and budget. But, choosing where to buy the parts can feel a bit confusing. Let’s break down the top online retailers for PC components in 2024.

Where to Find Great Deals on Computer Components

The Most Popular Retailers

Here are some of the biggest and most popular names in the PC parts business:

NeweggGreat selection, frequent sales and combo dealsShipping speeds can sometimes be inconsistent
AmazonFast shipping for Prime members, wide variety of productsPrices can fluctuate, be sure to price compare
Micro CenterExcellent in-store selection, knowledgeable staffLimited to locations with a physical store
B&H Photo VideoReliable retailer, often has competitive pricesSelection can be slightly more limited than specialists

Finding the Best Prices

Don’t just settle for the first store you see! Here are some tips to score the best deals on your PC components:

  • Price comparison tools: Websites like PCPartPicker let you compare prices across multiple retailers at once.
  • Deal alerts: Set up alerts on websites or use browser extensions to get notified when prices drop on the parts you want.
  • Timing your purchase: Keep an eye on seasonal sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday for big discounts.

Other Factors to Consider

Price isn’t everything! Here are other important factors when choosing where to shop:

  • Return policy: Make sure the retailer has a good return policy in case you need to exchange or return a part.
  • Shipping costs: Factor in shipping costs when comparing prices, as these can add up.
  • Customer support: If you’re a new PC builder, consider a retailer with good customer support in case you run into questions.

Top 10 List Of Places to Buy PC Parts Online

RankRetailerBest ForProsCons
1NeweggVast selection, competitive prices, frequent salesHuge inventory, user-friendly platform, excellent customer serviceShipping costs can add up, limited stock on some items
2AmazonFast shipping, Prime membership benefits, wide range of payment optionsVast selection, convenient returns, user-friendly platformNot always the cheapest, counterfeit risk with third-party sellers
3MicrocenterIn-store deals and bundles, expert adviceFantastic in-store discounts, excellent customer serviceLimited online selection, not widely available
4B&H Photo VideoCompetitive prices, excellent customer service, broad product rangeFrequent sales, good selection of popular componentsLess user-friendly website, limited niche component selection
5Best BuyDecent selection, bundled deals, physical stores for hands-on experienceConvenient stores, good customer service, frequent promotionsPrices might not be as competitive, selection not as vast
6AdoramaFrequent sales, competitive prices, excellent customer serviceBundle deals, good selection of popular componentsLess user-friendly website, selection not as vast as dedicated retailers
7GameStopBudget-friendly options, convenient physical stores, frequent salesCompetitive prices, decent selection of popular componentsSelection not as vast, website can be less user-friendly
8NZXT BLDPremium pre-built PCs, customization options, excellent customer serviceHigh-quality components, user-friendly configuration toolHigher prices than DIY builds, limited customization options
9Skytech GamingBudget-friendly pre-built PCs, good value for moneyCompetitive pricing, decent selection of pre-built optionsLimited customization options, less control over components
10CyberPowerPCGood value pre-built PCs, diverse configuration optionsFrequent sales, wide range of pre-built models, custom configuration toolPrices might not be as competitive as some rivals, website navigation can be complex


  • PC Part Picker: Not a retailer, but a fantastic tool for building your PC, comparing prices, and ensuring compatibility.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider your budget, needs, and preferences when choosing a retailer.
  • Compare prices and read reviews before making a purchase.
  • Look for deals and promotions, especially around holiday seasons & Black Friday
  • Check return policies and warranty options before buying.

Overview Of The Best Websites To Buy PC Parts

Finding the best online retailers for your PC parts hunt can be overwhelming. Worry not, tech enthusiast! This list curates the top 10 online destinations to score the best deals and quality components for your dream build:

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1. Newegg:

A titan in the PC parts scene, Newegg boasts a vast inventory, competitive pricing, and frequent sales. From CPUs and GPUs to motherboards and peripherals, you’ll find everything you need at Newegg. They also offer excellent customer service and a user-friendly platform.


  • Huge selection of parts
  • Competitive prices and frequent sales
  • Excellent customer service
  • User-friendly platform


  • Shipping costs can add up
  • Some limited-edition items might be out of stock

2. Amazon:

The e-commerce giant, Amazon, needs no introduction. Its PC parts selection is immense, with competitive prices and fast shipping options thanks to Prime membership. However, deals might not be as consistent as dedicated PC parts retailers.

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  • Vast selection of parts
  • Competitive prices with Prime membership
  • Fast shipping and easy returns
  • Wide range of payment options


  • Not always the cheapest option
  • Deals might not be as good as dedicated PC parts retailers
  • Counterfeit risk with third-party sellers

3. Microcenter:

With a smaller online presence but a strong brick-and-mortar network, Microcenter shines with in-store deals and bundles. If you have one nearby, visiting can be a treasure trove of discounts and expert advice. However, online selection might be smaller compared to other retailers.


  • Fantastic in-store deals and bundles
  • Great customer service and technical expertise
  • Competitive online prices


  • Limited online selection compared to some retailers
  • Not as widely available as online-only stores

4. B&H Photo Video:

B&H offers a surprisingly robust selection of PC parts alongside their photography and videography equipment. They often have competitive prices and excellent customer service, but their website can be slightly less user-friendly than some.


  • Competitive prices and frequent sales
  • Excellent customer service
  • Wide range of products beyond PC parts


  • Website can be less user-friendly than some competitors
  • Limited selection of some niche components
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5. Best Buy:

Best Buy caters to a broader audience but still offers a decent selection of PC parts, often with bundled deals and promotions. Their physical stores also present an option for hands-on experience and immediate purchase.


  • Decent selection of parts with good bundle deals
  • Convenient physical stores for browsing and purchase
  • Good customer service


  • Prices might not be as competitive as dedicated PC parts retailers
  • Selection not as vast as some competitors

6. Adorama:

Another photography and videography giant, Adorama surprisingly boasts a competitive PC parts section. They offer frequent sales and bundle deals, but their selection might not be as extensive as dedicated retailers.


  • Frequent sales and competitive prices
  • Good selection of popular components
  • Excellent customer service


  • Selection not as vast as dedicated PC parts retailers
  • Website not as user-friendly as some competitors

7. GameStop:

While primarily known for gaming consoles, GameStop surprisingly offers a decent selection of PC parts, often at competitive prices. They also have frequent sales and promotions, making them a worthwhile option for budget-conscious builders.


  • Competitive prices and frequent sales
  • Decent selection of popular components
  • Convenient physical stores for browsing and purchase


  • Selection not as vast as dedicated PC parts retailers
  • Website can be less user-friendly than some competitors


For those who prefer pre-built PCs, NZXT BLD offers a premium experience. They use high-quality components, offer excellent customization options, and provide outstanding customer service. However, their prices might be higher than DIY builds.


  • High-quality pre-built PCs with customization options
  • Excellent customer service and after-sales support
  • User-friendly website and configuration tool


  • Prices might be higher than DIY builds
  • Limited customization options compared to building your own PC

User Perspectives From The Web

A Reddit thread on r/buildapc offers valuable insights into where enthusiasts prefer to shop for PC parts. Popular mentions include:

  • PCPartPicker: Highly recommended for its price comparison feature.
  • Amazon: Known for fast shipping and hassle-free returns, especially in the USA.
  • NewEgg: Offers a wide range of components and has a good shipping policy.
  • Microcenter: Noted for great deals on CPUs and in-store experiences.
Newegg Warehouse

Top Online Retailers for PC Parts

Based on content from top Google search results, here are some of the best online retailers:

  1. NewEgg ( A favorite among tech enthusiasts for its vast selection and Shell Shocker deals.
  2. Micro Center ( Known for competitive prices on CPUs and a wide range of components.
  3. Amazon and eBay: Great for finding deals, especially for Prime members or those looking for used parts.
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FAQ Section

Q: What are the best websites for buying PC parts? A: NewEgg, Micro Center, Amazon, and eBay are highly recommended.

Q: Is it better to buy new or used PC parts? A: New parts offer warranties and return policies, but used parts can be cost-effective for budget builds.

Q: How do I ensure compatibility when buying PC parts? A: Use tools like PC Part Picker and consult forums like Reddit for advice.

Q: Can I find good PC part deals outside the US? A: Yes, many online retailers offer international shipping, but always check shipping costs and policies.

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