3 Major Carriers
3 Major Carriers

When you’re choosing a family cell phone plan in 2024, it’s important to think about how you’ll manage your communication costs and stay connected with your loved ones. Family cell phone plans let you share data, get unlimited talk and text, and add more lines at a discount. Different providers offer these plans with various options to meet your needs, competitive rates, extra features, and special deals. To pick the right plan, think about how much data you need, the coverage area, and the cost for each line. With so many choices available, signing up for a family cell phone plan can give you convenience, affordability, and peace of mind.

Best Family Plans List (2024)

CarrierPlan NameNetworkPrice for 3-4 LinesHigh-Speed DataProsCons
T-MobileGo5GT-Mobile$130 for 3 lines, $155 for 4 lines (with auto-pay and paperless billing)100GB on Go5G, unlimited on Go5G Plus– Strong 5G network
– Taxes and fees included
– Includes Netflix and international data
– Magenta plans can be hard to find on T-Mobile’s website
– Best device upgrade deals limited to pricier options
VerizonUnlimited PlusVerizon$120 for 3 lines, $180 for 4 linesUnlimited, though not at fastest speeds. Verizon will slow it in busy areas– Verizon’s 4G LTE network
– Can mix and match plans
– Possible perks addition
– No access to Verizon’s fastest 5G networks
– No set amount of high-speed data
– Perks can add up quickly
AT&TUnlimited ExtraAT&T$138 for 3 lines, $160 for 4 linesUnlimited– 15GB of hotspot data
– Unlimited data in Mexico and Canada
– No streaming perks
– Speeds can be slowed after 50GB of use
Mint MobileModern Family PlanT-Mobile$60 for 4 lines (with the 5GB plan paid annually)5GB, 15GB, 20GB, or Unlimited per line– Flexible mix & match plans
– No overages or data sharing
– Free mobile hotspot and free calling to Mexico and Canada
– Requires upfront payment for the best rates
– Limited to T-Mobile’s network
Cricket WirelessUnlimited + 15 GB Mobile HotspotAT&T$130 for 4 linesUnlimited– Includes subscription to Max
– Cheaper than AT&T plans
– AT&T can slow data if there’s a lot of network traffic
– Max subscription features ads
VisibleBasic PlanVerizon$120 for 4 lines ($25 per line with recent price cut)Unlimited– Unlimited data
– No contract
– Recent price cut to $25 per line
– No bespoke family plan
– Potentially subject to deprioritization
Metro by T-Mobile4-line planT-Mobile$100 for 4 linesUnlimited– Big discount on unlimited data
– Tuesday giveaways from T-Mobile
– In-store deal only
– Limited perks

This table encompasses a broad spectrum of family cell phone plans from the major carriers and notable MVNOs, highlighting the differences in pricing, data offerings, pros, and cons to assist in making an informed decision tailored to specific family needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Shared and unlimited plans offer various benefits for family units.
  • Cost, data, and network coverage are pivotal in plan selection.
  • Competitive features and perks enhance the value of family cell phone plans.

Understanding Family Cell Phone Plans

When choosing a plan for the whole family, important aspects to consider include the monthly cost, the amount of data you get, and the additional perks that might be included. Selecting the right family plan can lead to significant savings and benefits for each member.

Comparing Major Carrier Offers

Major carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T often have competitive family plans that provide a mix of value and services. T-Mobile’s family plan might include benefits like Netflix subscriptions, while Verizon could offer Apple Music or Disney+. It’s important to compare these offers to see which aligns with your family’s needs.

Finding the Best Value

The best family cell phone plan is one that balances cost with features. Affordability is a priority for most, and companies like Mint Mobile and Visible offer plans that can be easier on the budget. Discounts for multiple lines or for autopay can reduce your monthly bill, so look out for those potential savings.

Assessing Plan Features

Family plans come with a variety of features, from unlimited talk and text to shared or unlimited data. Hotspot data and international text and data might also be included. Plans like US Mobile’s Unlimited Premium are a good example, offering significant hotspot data which is handy for families on the go.

Considering Coverage and Data Speeds

Coverage is crucial. A cheap plan loses its value if the service is unreliable. Carriers using networks with extensive 5G coverage promise faster data speeds, which is beneficial for streaming and browsing. Check coverage maps for T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T to confirm they cover your area well.

Making the Most of Family Plans

When picking a family cell phone plan, it’s crucial to assess additional benefits, international services, discount opportunities, and the value offered by low-cost carriers.

Exploring Additional Perks

Most best phone carriers like T-Mobile Go5G and US Mobile bundle streaming perks with their family plans. For instance, you might get Apple Music Family or Walmart Plus included, providing considerable savings. Hotspot access is another perk to consider, with certain plans offering mobile hotspot data which is ideal for sharing internet with multiple devices.

Understanding International Offerings

Exploring options for international data and roaming is important for families that travel. Providers like Google Fi and Cricket offer plans with international service in countries like Canada and Mexico. It’s important to check if international roaming is included or if there will be extra charges.

Maximizing Multi-Line Discounts

Postpaid plans usually offer discounts for each additional line, making multi-line options economical. For example, a family of four on the T-Mobile Go5G plan can enjoy shared savings as opposed to individual plans. Always review the data allowances and talk & text provisions to ensure they meet your family’s needs.

Leveraging Low-Cost Carriers and MVNOs

MVNOs like Boost Mobile Unlimited, Tello, and Metro provide competitive prepaid family plans. They operate on the networks of larger carriers, offering flexibility and reduced costs. Since MVNOs often prioritize the network traffic for direct subscribers of the host network, deprioritization might occur during peak times. However, these options can still be very cost-effective, particularly when bundled with promotions and discounts.

Affordability is a major attraction for low-cost carriers. Prepaid carriers often forgo credit checks and long-term commitments, but taxes aren’t always included in the advertised price, so check the final cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right family cell phone plan is key to staying connected without breaking the bank. In this section, we’ll tackle questions about plans for families, how to save money, and the perks of different types of plans.

What are the top-rated family cell phone plans for a family of 4?

For a family of four, T-Mobile’s Go5G plan stands out, often offering a waived cost for the third line. This can result in significant monthly savings while still providing robust service and connectivity.

How can families maximize savings with the latest multi-line phone plans?

Families can maximize savings by choosing plans that offer discounts for additional lines or those that waive fees for new members. Also, looking for carriers that offer autopay discounts can result in lower monthly bills.

Which mobile carriers offer the most competitive family plans with unlimited data?

Visible is known for its unlimited data family plans at competitive rates. They offer simplicity and convenience with worry-free data usage. T-Mobile also offers attractive unlimited options, catering to the high data needs of families.

Are there any family phone plans that include free phones for new customers?

Some carriers may offer promotions with free phones for new customers, especially when opening multiple lines. These deals change frequently, so it’s best to check with carriers directly for the latest offers.

What is the best 5 line family phone plan available on the market?

US Mobile’s Unlimited Premium plan is recognized for its value, especially for families needing five lines. It combines data options and added features suitable for larger families while keeping the cost reasonable.

How do the benefits of postpaid family plans compare to prepaid options?

Postpaid plans often come with additional perks such as free streaming subscriptions and international features. However, prepaid options like those from Mint Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile offer affordability and flexibility without the need for long-term commitments.

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