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Remember, documentaries can show us new perspectives and teach us about important issues. This type of filming tells true stories about people, places, and events, giving us a real look into the lives of others and the problems in our world. Documentaries can be as exciting as they are informative, whether they talk about unfairness, nature’s marvels, or important historical moments. Picking the best documentaries depends on what you like, but there are some really great ones that stand out. The way the movie is made, the story, how important the topic is, and how true the information is are things to think about. A good documentary not only tells facts well but also weaves them into a story that connects with its audience. It should get you interested, teach you, and sometimes make you question your ideas.

When you look for documentaries to watch, it’s important to check who made them and how well they looked into things. A good documentary often takes years to get the pictures and make sure all the details are right to show the topic in the best way. It’s also good to look at what other people say about the movie and if it got any awards to see if it’s good. We know what makes a great documentary and have chosen some that meet these rules. We looked at everything to make sure we’re showing movies that are not just exciting but also true, so you come away with a better understanding and really into what you’re watching. Our list will keep you interested from start to finish and make your watching time really worth it.

10 Best Documentaries of 2024

RankTitleDirectorGenreStreaming Platform
1Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve StoryIan Bonhote, Peter EttedguiBiographyTBA
2Soundtrack To A Coup D’EtatTBAPoliticalTBA
3EnoMorgan NevilleMusicTBA
4War GameTBADocudramaTBA
5Will & HarperTBALGBTQ+TBA
6The EmpireTBAHistoricalTBA
7DyingTBASocial IssueTBA
8ShikunTBAUrban PlanningTBA
9Kokomo CityD. SmithSocial IssueParamount+
10The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia SpeaksTBATrue CrimeTBA

Note: This list is based on a combination of critical acclaim, audience reception, and festival buzz. As it’s still early in the year, more documentaries are likely to be released and earn recognition. Additionally, streaming platforms are not confirmed for all titles yet.

Best Documentary Films

We’ve curated a list of compelling documentaries that stand out for their storytelling, cinematic quality, and ability to engage and inform viewers on a range of topics. Whether you’re looking to be inspired, educated, or simply entertained, these selections promise to offer something for everyone.

The Secret Life of the Cruise

image 179

We recommend this documentary for anyone interested in the fascinating behind-the-scenes workings of cruise ships.


  • Offers an eye-opening glimpse into the cruise industry
  • Engaging storytelling by the narrators
  • Informative content that’s well-researched


  • Might cater to a niche audience
  • Limited rewatchability after the first viewing
  • Specific focus can exclude broader interest

Having recently viewed “The Secret Life of the Cruise,” we found ourselves engrossed in the previously unseen aspects of the cruise lifestyle. The documentary, guided by the calm narration of Jason Done, provides an intimate look into the nuances of what it takes to keep a gigantic floating city on the move.

We were impressed by how the filmmakers, with Malcolm Brinkworth and Xander Brinkworth at the helm, wove together compelling narratives of the crew and passengers. Their skillful storytelling sheds light on the complexities and challenges that come with operating a cruise ship, balancing entertainment with revealing the strenuous demands placed on the crew.

The high production quality and the insightful interviews enrich the viewing experience. Yet, one must admit, the content is tailored for viewers deeply fascinated by the cruise industry. While it captured our attention, this specificity may not appeal to everyone. The documentary, while fascinating, doesn’t necessarily call for multiple viewings as the surprise element is diminished after the initial watch.

In conclusion, “The Secret Life of the Cruise” stands as a potent documentary for those curious about the inner workings of cruise ships. It strikes a balance between informative content and personal stories, managing to reveal the intricacies of this floating world without overwhelming its audience.

Sunshine Hotel

image 185

We believe Sunshine Hotel might be a compelling watch for those interested in the grittier side of New York’s history.


  • Intimate portrayal of hotel residents
  • Engaging direction that offers a raw look at the subject
  • Captivating storytelling that leaves an impact


  • Content may be too intense for some viewers
  • Not suitable for younger audiences due to mature themes
  • Lacks traditional entertainment values some may expect from lighter documentaries

Our recent evening was spent with Michael Dominic’s documentary, Sunshine Hotel, and the impact was profound. This isn’t your average New York story; it’s a descent into the lives of those residing at one of the last flop houses on The Bowery. The intimacy of the film makes us feel as though we’re there amidst the buzzing neon lights and cramped corridors.

The storytelling captivates from the start—Michael Dominic leads us down an often-overlooked path with sensitivity and grit. His approach is unflinching and we’re drawn in by the residents’ stark honesty and the rawness of their reality. It’s a slice of life that many are unaware of, and the film manages to capture the essence of these hidden lives perfectly.

We found ourselves thinking long after the screen went dark. The film urges a look at broader societal issues without preaching—suggesting a reflective examination rather than forcing conclusions. Worth noting, the mature content and theme might not mesh well with every viewer’s tastes, but for those ready to embrace its authentic storytelling, it is a fascinating experience.


image 186

If you crave a raw and gripping piece of real-life storytelling, “Unseen” is a must-watch.


  • Riveting narrative that holds your attention
  • Provokes deep thought and discussion on crucial social issues
  • Exceptional storytelling by director Laura Paglin


  • Some scenes might be too intense for sensitive viewers
  • Contains mature themes that may not suit younger audiences
  • Subtitles might be a distraction for those who prefer audio

After spending an evening with “Unseen,” we were left spellbound by its harrowing account of real events. The documentary pulls you into the center of a chilling crime story that many of us have only glanced at in headlines. Vanessa Gay and Latundra Billup bring a palpable authenticity to the screen that’s truly remarkable.

What’s more compelling is the way “Unseen” invites us to think deeper about societal issues. We found ourselves discussing it long after the credits rolled. The complexities of the human condition are laid bare, challenging viewers to face uncomfortable truths.

One minor downside we noticed is that the content is quite heavy. While necessary for the film’s impact, it’s admittedly not for everyone. Some viewers might find certain scenes distressing or unsettling.

Laura Paglin’s prowess as a storyteller is evident throughout “Unseen”. Without revealing too much, we’ll say that her approach to documentary filmmaking is both enlightening and captivating. For those who appreciate documentaries that make an impact and prompt change, “Unseen” could be a powerful addition to your collection.

Above the Best

image 181

If you’re seeking a gritty, firsthand military experience from the comfort of your couch, ‘Above the Best’ is the go-to documentary.


  • Offers a raw, unfiltered view of combat
  • Fosters a deep appreciation for military pilots
  • Engages viewers with powerful storytelling


  • Contains intense scenes not suitable for all audiences
  • Some language may be offensive to viewers
  • Limited appeal outside of documentary and military enthusiasts

Having just watched ‘Above the Best,’ I can attest to its heart-pounding portrayal of Army aviators in combat. The film plunges you into the action from start to finish, giving an unvarnished look at the battlefield through the eyes of helicopter pilots. It’s as close as one can get to understanding the pressures these soldiers face without being there.

The documentary’s narrative weaves personal stories with combat footage, fostering a genuine respect for the pilots. I found myself riveted by their bravery and the candid accounts of their experiences – it’s storytelling done right. The directors, David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud, have truly brought these heroes’ tales to the forefront, minus the Hollywood glamorization, which can often dilute the realities of war.

I would suggest caution for sensitive viewers, though. The film doesn’t shy away from the grislier aspects of combat. There’s also the use of explicit language to consider, reflective of the soldiers’ stressful situations but possibly offensive to some. And while I found the documentary enlightening, it’s clear that its appeal may not extend far beyond those with an interest in military or documentary genres.

Once Is Enough

image 183

We think ‘Once Is Enough’ may inspire you with its heartfelt storytelling and impressive personal journey.


  • Relatable and inspirational narrative
  • Engages emotions with humor and sincerity
  • Showcases a raw, personal triumph


  • Contains mature content not suitable for all audiences
  • Some may want more in-depth exploration of themes
  • A specific taste in documentary style is required

When watching ‘Once Is Enough’, we were struck by the genuine and engaging narrative of Jeffrey James Binney. His journey speaks to the human spirit’s resilience, leaving us with both laughter and poignant moments to ponder.

The documentary’s ability to balance humor with the serious subject of grief and personal growth struck a chord with us. We found the overall message uplifting, a testament to the idea that it’s never too late to embark on a transformative adventure.

However, ‘Once Is Enough’ takes an unfiltered approach to difficult subjects, so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The documentary doesn’t shy away from mature content, which includes violence, foul language, and sexual references. Viewers should be prepared for an emotional ride that can be as raw as it is touching.


image 184

Alison’s harrowing story grips us with powerful storytelling and stellar cinematic craftsmanship.


  • Gripping narrative that holds our attention
  • Profoundly inspiring; a tale of courage and survival
  • Excellent direction and production values


  • Contains mature themes that may not suit all audiences
  • Some scenes can be quite distressing due to the intense subject matter
  • Language might be too coarse for younger viewers

The moment we finished watching “Alison,” we found ourselves discussing the strength and resilience demonstrated throughout the film. The documentary traces real events in the life of Alison Botha, who survived a brutal attack that captivated our emotions and held us in suspense. Christia Visser delivers a compelling narration that lends authenticity to an already gripping tale.

We appreciated the well-crafted production led by Uga Carlini. The nuanced storytelling paired with measured pacing had us reflecting on the issues long after the credits rolled. It’s a testament to the art of documentary-making where the subject matter is treated with sensitivity and grace.

However, it’s important to note that “Alison” delves into explicit content, including graphic scenes and strong language, which might be triggering for some. While these elements contribute to the documentary’s raw power, they also necessitate viewer discretion. Overall, “Alison” left us moved and humbled by the indomitable human spirit.

Dude Perfect Trick Shots

image 180

If you’re into jaw-dropping feats and light-hearted fun, this one’s a must-watch for us.


  • Captivating trick shot artistry
  • Family-friendly entertainment
  • Boosted dialogue options enhance clarity


  • Niche appeal may not suit everyone
  • Can get repetitive over time
  • Limited educational content

Having just kicked back with “Dude Perfect Best Of Trick Shots,” we were genuinely entertained. The dazzling display of skill from Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, and Coby Cotton brings sport and comedy together in a way that had us both laughing and gasping in amazement. Watching these guys pull off the impossible is as thrilling as it is inspiring; they’ve really turned trick shots into an art form.

The doc is solid family entertainment. It’s great to have something we can watch with everyone, from our little cousins to grandparents. The English subtitles and Enhanced Dialogue options cater to various listening preferences, ensuring no one misses out on the fun.

As we continued watching, we did notice it’s somewhat of a one-trick pony—pun intended. While the stunts are impressive, they become a bit similar after a while. This documentary might not be the right pick if you’re craving depth or a wide range of topics. Its educational value is fairly low, focusing more on the spectacle than informing the audience.

Overall, “Dude Perfect Best Of Trick Shots” is a delightful pick for us when we just want to unwind and see something that defies belief. If you’ve got a soft spot for sports, comedy, and camaraderie, we’d say go for it. Just be aware, if you’re hunting for diversity or a deep dive into the creators’ lives, this one might fall a bit flat.

Black Hawk Down: The Untold Story

image 182

If you’re looking for an absorbing, gritty account of real military history, this documentary is an essential watch.


  • Provides a fresh perspective on a well-known conflict
  • Features credible testimonies from high-ranking officials
  • Engrossing and well-produced


  • Contains scenes of violence and strong language
  • May not cater to all tastes with its narrow focus
  • Limited replay value after the initial viewing

Having just finished watching “Black Hawk Down: The Untold Story,” we’re struck by the raw, unfiltered portrayal of the Battle of Mogadishu. The documentary sheds new light on the events, countering the narrative presented in popular media and previous film adaptations. With General Mark A. Milley providing insights, the authenticity is palpable and lends the film considerable gravitas.

Captivating interviews and a strong narrative pull you in as if we were there with the soldiers. It’s the kind of documentary that not only informs but also immerses us in the experience. We felt a particular appreciation for the honest retelling of such a harrowing piece of history.

However, it’s essential to note that the heavy subject matter might not appeal to everyone. The intense scenes of conflict and the use of raw language set a very somber mood throughout the documentary. It’s indeed a thought-provoking watch, but perhaps not one you’d return to often after the first view.

Four Seasons Lodge


If you’re seeking a heartwarming watch that offers a mix of poignancy and joy, “Four Seasons Lodge” should be on your list.


  • Engaging storytelling that honors the subjects’ histories
  • Strong emotional impact that resonates after viewing
  • Quality production value that enhances the viewing experience


  • Contains mature content, limiting its suitability for a diverse audience
  • Some may find the pacing slower than typical entertainment documentaries
  • The subject matter might be heavy for those looking for light-hearted content

The first thing that struck us about “Four Seasons Lodge” was the incredible way it draws you into the lives of its characters. As we spent time watching, it felt like we were transported into their summer retreat, sharing in their laughs and tears. Each person’s narrative added layers of depth to the film’s overarching story, making it a rich experience.

The film isn’t just about history; it’s about resilience and celebration. One can’t help but admire the strength and zest for life displayed by the individuals featured. While “Four Seasons Lodge” has its somber moments, acknowledging the past tragedies its subjects have faced, it remains ultimately uplifting. That balance is a tricky thing to achieve, and the director, Andrew Jacobs, manages it beautifully.

Despite its merits, every documentary has its potential downsides. Viewers in search of quick-paced, action-packed content may find the tempo of “Four Seasons Lodge” to be leisurely. Furthermore, the mature themes could pose limitations for younger audiences. Nevertheless, what stands out is the documentary’s capacity to leave a lasting imprint on your heart, proving that sometimes the most compelling stories arise not from fiction, but from the human spirit itself.

Buying Guide

Understand Your Interests

We should start by recognizing what subjects grab our attention. Are we fascinated by nature, passionate about history, or maybe drawn to stories about technological advances? Knowing our interests helps narrow down the search for the perfect documentary.

Content Quality

It’s important to look at the quality of content. We want documentaries that present accurate information and thoughtful insights. We’ll want to seek out well-researched content that effectively informs and educates.

Filmmaking Excellence

A great documentary also showcases filmmaking prowess. Cinematography, sound design, and editing all contribute to how engaging a documentary is. While flashy visuals aren’t everything, they certainly enhance the viewing experience.

Critical Acclaim and Reviews

We should consider the reputation of the documentary. Critics’ reviews and viewer ratings can shed light on which documentaries are most impactful. However, remember that even less popular content might be a hidden gem that aligns perfectly with our interests.


We must think about how and where we’ll watch our chosen documentary. It’s vital to choose a viewing platform that’s easily accessible and compatible with our devices.

Feature to ConsiderWhy It MattersWhat to Look For
Subject MatterAligns with personal interestsTopics you find fascinating
Content QualityEnsures accurate informationDepth of research, expert interviews
Filmmaking QualityEnhances viewing pleasureHigh production values
Reviews and AccoladesIndicates general receptionPositive critical reviews, awards
AccessibilityAllows for easy viewingAvailability on preferred platforms

Age Appropriateness

Especially vital for younger viewers, we should check the maturity level of the content to ensure it is suitable for all the intended viewers.

Extra Features

Some documentaries come with bonus features or educational materials. These extras can create a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Remember, the best documentary for us is one that engages, informs, and fits our viewing preferences in terms of accessibility and content suitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before diving into the specifics, let’s address the most common inquiries about outstanding documentaries that have captivated audiences and critics alike.

Which documentaries are universally acclaimed by critics?

Critically praised documentaries often share compelling narratives and exceptional filmmaking quality. Films like “Hoops Dreams,” “The Act of Killing,” and “Man on Wire” have garnered universal acclaim for their storytelling and cinematic craftsmanship.

What are some award-winning documentaries from recent years?

Recent years have seen documentaries like “American Factory,” “O.J.: Made in America,” and “Icarus” win prestigious awards. Their exploration of societal issues and gripping content have made them stand out at ceremonies such as the Oscars and Sundance Film Festival.

Which streaming platforms offer the most critically acclaimed documentaries?

Platforms like HBO, Netflix, and Hulu are known for hosting a wide collection of highly regarded documentaries. Each offers a range of topics and styles, from true crime to historical biographies, ensuring something for every taste.

What are the top documentaries currently available on Netflix?

Netflix has a reputation for releasing and streaming top-notch documentaries. “13th,” “The Social Dilemma,” and “My Octopus Teacher” are examples of renowned documentaries that have been available on the platform, captivating audiences with their insights and high production values.

Which documentaries have achieved the highest box office success?

Documentaries such as “Fahrenheit 9/11,” “March of the Penguins,” and “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” have enjoyed substantial box office success. These films attracted large audiences due to their topical nature or connection to popular cultural figures.

What are the standout documentary features to watch on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime’s selection includes standout titles such as “The Big Sick,” “Gleason,” and “Grizzly Man.” These documentaries are noted for their emotional depth and the unique perspectives they offer on their subjects.

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