Mini Electric Chainsaw
Mini Electric Chainsaw

Chainsaws are important for both professional lumberjacks and homeowners. Traditional chainsaws have downsides like noise, emissions, and the need for fuel. But cordless chainsaws, thanks to advancements in battery technology, offer the same cutting ability without these drawbacks. They are portable, quieter, and require less maintenance, making them popular for outdoor tasks. When choosing a cordless chainsaw, consider battery life and power.

For big jobs, you’ll need a chainsaw with a strong motor and long-lasting battery. For smaller tasks, a lighter model might be enough. The weight of the chainsaw matters too – lighter saws are easier to handle but may have less power. Other factors to consider include bar length, safety features like kickback protection and chain brakes, and how comfortable the chainsaw is to use. Our goal is to help you find a durable cordless chainsaw that meets your needs, whether you’re clearing your yard or cutting firewood.

Top-Rated Cordless Chainsaws

We’ve tested a variety of cordless chainsaws and selected our top picks to help you find the best one for your needs. These saws are powerful, portable, and convenient, offering freedom from cords and the ability to work anywhere. Whether you’re trimming branches or cutting logs, a reliable cordless chainsaw can make the job easier. Our roundup includes models with exceptional battery life, robust performance, and user-friendly features. Let’s get into our list of favorites.

Tietoc Mini Chainsaw

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If you’re seeking a reliable and user-friendly chainsaw for light yard work, this mini chainsaw might just be your match.


  • Impressive cutting power for its size
  • Comes with necessary safety gear
  • The dual batteries offer ample runtime for longer tasks


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cutting
  • Oil for the auto-lubrication system is not included
  • Safety lock can be a bit cumbersome until you get used to it

In our recent use, we really appreciated how light this chainsaw felt in our hands. Maneuvering was a breeze, allowing us to trim branches effortlessly without feeling weighed down. Its cutting ability went beyond what we expected from such a compact tool. The 880-watt motor did not struggle with six-inch logs, saving us time and effort.

We noticed the added safety features, especially the security lock, which while adding an extra step, ensured there would be no accidental start-ups. The chainsaw came with gloves and goggles, which showed that safety is a priority for Tietoc. The anti-slip handle was a nice touch too, providing a secure grip as we worked.

Battery life was more than satisfactory. We could use the saw for an extended period without worrying about running out of power thanks to the two included batteries. This was quite convenient for longer jobs where consistent performance is necessary. However, we did miss having bar oil included, as it’s necessary for the auto-lubrication to work. It’s a small additional purchase, but essential for maintaining the saw.

To sum up our experience, this Tietoc Mini Chainsaw is great for someone who needs a light and efficient tool for basic yard maintenance. It’s not cut out for heavier tasks, but it excels in what it’s designed to do. A solid choice for those looking to handle smaller cutting jobs with ease.

Bomves Mini Chainsaw

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If you need a lightweight and efficient tool for your garden or workshop, this is a solid pick.


  • Extremely lightweight and manageable
  • Quick charging and decent battery life for short tasks
  • Multiple safety features for a secure operation


  • Limited to smaller cutting jobs due to size
  • Only suitable for short use between charges
  • Safety glasses and gloves necessary for operation (not included)

When we got our hands on the Bomves Mini Chainsaw, its compact design stood out immediately. It fits comfortably in our grasp, and we didn’t feel worn out even after a stretch of cutting branches. It’s clear that this saw was made with user comfort in mind.

The battery performance didn’t disappoint us either. Within just an hour and a half, the batteries were fully charged. We tackled several small projects and appreciated that the tool didn’t quit before we were done. It’s quite the worker for its petite size.

However, when it came to larger tasks, it was necessary to remind ourselves that this is a ‘mini’ chainsaw. We handled garden art and small tree trimming with ease, but for anything heftier, we would have needed a bigger saw. This isn’t a drawback, just something to keep in mind while considering your needs.

It’s impressive how they’ve integrated the safety features. We appreciate the thoughtful design that minimizes accidental starts and flying debris. Still, remember to gear up with safety glasses and gloves for best practices, which you’ll have to source separately.

Overall, the Bomves Mini Chainsaw met our expectations for light yard work and quick cutting jobs. It’s a handy addition to our toolkit and maybe to yours as well.

RLSOO Mighty Mini

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We recommend the RLSOO Mighty Mini for quick and easy trimming tasks, due to its impressive power and user-friendly design.


  • Effortless One-Hand Operation
  • Extended Usage with Dual Batteries
  • Comprehensive Safety Features


  • Limited to Smaller Cutting Jobs
  • Potential for Kickback During Use
  • Manual Chain Lubrication Required

When we got our hands on the RLSOO Mighty Mini, its lightweight build was the first thing we noticed. At just over 2.5 pounds, including the battery, we could maneuver it with ease. Even after a while, our arms weren’t screaming for a break, which is a nice change of pace from the heavier options out there.

Battery life often makes or breaks a cordless tool, and we found that these 24V packs have enough juice to keep us cutting for quite some time. Plus, having a spare meant we could swap on the fly and continue working, which was super convenient. It’s always a bummer to pause a project for a recharge.

Safety’s a big deal with any chainsaw, so we were glad to see the multiple safety measures. The thoughtfulness that went into the design—like the safety switch and bezel—gave us peace of mind. No worries about accidental starts here, and the included protective gear was a nice touch.

The RLSOO Mighty Mini is clearly made for smaller tasks. While it slices through 6-inch branches like they’re nothing, it’s not the machine you’d pick for the bigger, tougher jobs. This might limit its appeal to those with larger-scale needs.

During use, we had to be mindful of the reactive forces. Kickback is real, and this little guy can jump when it hits an unexpected knot. This underscores the importance of a firm grip and proper technique, especially with a powerful tool that’s so light.

It was a bit of a letdown to have to lubricate the chain manually, as we’re spoiled by the convenience of auto-oiling systems on other chainsaws. However, it’s not a dealbreaker, considering the portability and convenience it offers for quick jobs around the yard.

In summary, the RLSOO Mighty Mini is our go-to for keeping our outdoor spaces neat and tidy. A solid performer, it’s especially suitable for those quick, less intensive cutting tasks.

Dewalt Cordless Pruning Chainsaw

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If you’re on the hunt for a lightweight chainsaw for easy yard maintenance, this one’s a solid pick.


  • Remarkably light, making overhead work less tiring
  • Offers a surprising number of cuts per charge
  • Simplifies cutting in cramped spots


  • Safety button can be tricky to engage
  • May feel heavy after prolonged use
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cutting tasks

We recently got our hands on the Dewalt Cordless Pruning Chainsaw and were eager to take it for a spin around the yard. The first thing we noticed was the weight—or lack thereof. At just over 4 and a half pounds, it’s a breeze to hoist up for those higher branches.

During our test, the saw’s endurance stood out. We easily powered through several cutting sessions on a single charge. When tackling dense brush or pruning, it’s a real asset to have a tool that can keep up with us without frequent battery swaps.

We also appreciated the compact design, especially when we encountered tight spaces dappled throughout the underbrush. It deftly managed to slide into those awkward nooks that would have stymied a larger saw.

As with any tool, there were a couple of quirks. The safety button, while undoubtedly a necessary feature, demanded some fumbling at times. It’s a small hiccup, but worth mentioning for those who prioritize seamless operation.

For anyone clearing brush for extended periods, the weight can start to add up. Despite being lightweight, any chainsaw can start to feel like a brick after a while. Also, while it’s perfect for pruning and small jobs, if you’re looking to fell larger trees, you’ll want to look at more robust models.

Overall, the Dewalt Cordless Pruning Chainsaw impressed us with its user-friendly design and stamina. We’re confident it can handle the yard work most homeowners throw at it. Keep in mind, though, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. For more delicate tasks, it’s a gem. For the tougher stuff, consider its limitations.

Saker Mini Cordless Chainsaw

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We recommend this chainsaw for anyone needing a lightweight, portable solution for small garden tasks.


  • Exceptional maneuverability for tight spaces
  • Solid battery life for extended use
  • Quick charging time keeps you working


  • Lacks the power for larger tasks
  • Some users might want a longer blade
  • Suitcase storage may be too compact for some preferences

Just yesterday, we took the Saker Mini Cordless Chainsaw out to tidy up the garden. Its light frame made it a breeze to handle, particularly when we were navigating through those awkward, tough-to-reach branches. The battery life impressed us, sustaining a solid run through our clearing session without faltering.

When it was time to put the saw to work, we noted how quickly it was ready to go after a charge. There’s a real convenience in not having to pause your work for too long between charges — a significant plus for any cordless tool.

However, as we moved on to some thicker limbs, it was clear this mini chainsaw has its limitations. The 4-inch blade and motor are ideal for smaller jobs but don’t expect it to chew through anything too substantial. Additionally, while the compact case is great for moving from one spot to another, keeping all the accessories in it felt like solving a puzzle — this could get frustrating if you prefer a more spacious storage solution.

In our hands-on time with the Saker Mini Cordless Chainsaw, we found it to be a competent companion for garden maintenance. It’s not cut out for heavy-duty lumber work, but for the quick cutting and convenience within its small frame, it’s a tool we’d keep at the ready for those unplanned pruning sessions.

Buying Guide

What to Look For

When we’re in the market for a cordless chainsaw, power is key. We look at voltage and motor type—higher voltage usually means more power. Battery capacity, measured in amp-hours (Ah), tells us how long the saw can run between charges.

Size and Weight
The right balance is important for handling and safety. We prefer lighter models for ease of use, but we don’t compromise on the strength we need to get the job done.

Weight ClassBest For
LightQuick, easy jobs
MediumGeneral purpose
HeavyTougher tasks

Features to Consider

Chain Tensioning
Tool-less chain tensioning saves us time. No nuts or bolts means a faster adjustment on the go.

Bar Length
Longer bars tackle thick branches but can be overkill for smaller jobs. We aim for a length that matches our most common tasks.

Bar LengthBranch Size
ShortSmall branches
MediumModerate branches
LongLarge branches

Safety Measures
We never overlook safety features. A chain brake and low kickback chain are must-haves to keep us safe while working.

Battery Life & Charging Time

Long-lasting batteries keep us working uninterrupted. We also check charging times—faster is better to reduce downtime.

Easy maintenance keeps our chainsaw in top shape. A brushless motor has fewer parts to replace and often means a longer lifespan.

We balance these factors against our needs and budget to find the best cordless chainsaw for our tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that choosing the right cordless chainsaw can be confusing. Here we address some common questions to help you make an informed decision.

What factors should I consider when choosing a cordless chainsaw?

When picking a cordless chainsaw, consider the bar length, weight, battery life, and the power of the motor. It’s key to match the chainsaw with the tasks at hand.

How do battery-powered chainsaws compare to their gas counterparts in terms of performance?

Battery-powered chainsaws are quieter and emit no fumes. They usually start with a button push, but they might not match the raw power of gas models, especially for thick cuts.

What are the maintenance requirements for a cordless chainsaw?

Maintenance for a cordless chainsaw includes keeping the chain sharp, the bar oiled, and the battery charges. They need less maintenance than gas models but still need regular check-ups.

How long can I expect a cordless chainsaw’s battery to last before needing a recharge?

Battery life varies by model but expect anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. It’s important to consider your tasks and possibly invest in spare batteries.

Can a cordless chainsaw be suitable for heavy-duty tasks like tree felling?

Cordless chainsaws have improved but are generally best for smaller tasks. Some higher-end models can handle larger jobs, but we suggest a gas saw for regular heavy-duty work.

What are the safety features to look for in a high-quality cordless chainsaw?

Look for features like a low kickback chain, chain brake, handguard, and safety switch. Good ergonomics and balance are also important to help prevent accidents.

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