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The AMD AM5 platform, with its Ryzen 7000 series CPUs, is a game-changer in the world of computing. These processors, leveraging the Zen 4 architecture, have set new benchmarks in performance. However, with great power comes great thermal responsibility. Choosing the right cooler for these CPUs is crucial to unlock their full potential without overheating. In this guide, we’ll explore the best cooling solutions for AMD AM5 CPUs, balancing performance, noise, and aesthetics.

Top 10 Coolers for AM5 CPUs In 2024

1Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition800 – 2000 RPM6.5 – 26 dBAir$53.99
2Cooler Master MASTERLIQUID ML240L RGB V2650 – 1800 RPM6 – 27 dBLiquid$99.99
3Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE1550 RPM25.6 dBAir$33.90
4be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 41500 RPM12.8 – 24.3 dBAir$84.67
5Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX XT550 – 2100 RPM5 – 34.1 dBLiquid$219.99
6NZXT Kraken Elite 360 RGB500 – 1800 RPM17.9 – 30.6 dBLiquid$299.99
7Deepcool AG400 BK ARGB500 – 2000 RPM31.6 dBAir$29.99
8NZXT Kraken 240500 – 1800 RPM17.9 – 30.6 dBLiquid$127.99
9Noctua NH-D15 Chromax300 – 1500 RPM19.2 – 24.6 dBAir$119.95
10Corsair iCUE H100i RGB ELITE400 – 1850 RPM5 – 28.9 dBLiquid$119.99

List Of AM5 CPUs w/ Best Cooler Recommendations

In this chart you will find a list of the most popular AMD AM5 CPUs along with a corresponding recommended Air Cooler and Liquid Cooler option:

NameTDPBest AirBest Liquid
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D120 WNH-D15 ChromaxiCUE H150i ELITE
AMD Ryzen 5 7600X105 WDark Rock Pro 4iCUE H150i ELITE
AMD Ryzen 5 760065 WHyper 212 BlackML240L RGB V2
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D120 WNH-D15 ChromaxiCUE H150i ELITE
AMD Ryzen 7 7700X105 WDark Rock Pro 4iCUE H150i ELITE
AMD Ryzen 9 7900X170 WNH-D15 ChromaxKraken Elite 360
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X170 WNH-D15 ChromaxKraken Elite 360
AMD Ryzen 7 770065 WHyper 212 BlackML240L RGB V2
AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D120 WNH-D15 ChromaxiCUE H150i ELITE
AMD Ryzen 5 7500F65 WHyper 212 BlackML240L RGB V2
AMD Ryzen 9 790065 WHyper 212 BlackML240L RGB V2
AMD Ryzen 9 PRO 794565 WHyper 212 BlackML240L RGB V2
AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 764565 WHyper 212 BlackML240L RGB V2
AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 774565 WHyper 212 BlackML240L RGB V2
AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 774565 WHyper 212 BlackML240L RGB V2

So, for example, the best cooler for AMD Ryzen 7 7800x3d is the Noctua NH-D15 Chromax (Air Cooled) or Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE (Water Cooled).

hyper 212 black

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cooler:

  • CPU type and power: Make sure the cooler is compatible with your CPU socket and can handle the thermal output of your CPU.
  • Case size and airflow: Choose a cooler that will fit in your case and have enough airflow to keep it cool.
  • Noise level: Consider how important noise level is to you and choose a cooler accordingly.
  • Budget: Coolers range in price from around $40 to $200 or more.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimal Cooling: Essential for maintaining performance and longevity of AMD AM5 CPUs.
  • Air vs Liquid Coolers: Both have their merits; choice depends on user preference and system requirements.
  • Installation and Compatibility: Crucial to ensure the cooler fits in your case and works with your motherboard.
dark rock pro 4

Understanding AMD AM5 CPUs and Their Cooling Needs

The AMD AM5 CPUs, including the Ryzen 7000 series, are powerhouse processors designed for demanding tasks. They offer significant improvements over their predecessors, but this also means they generate more heat. Effective cooling is not just about preventing overheating; it’s about maintaining peak performance over extended periods.

Why Effective Cooling Matters

  • Stability and Performance: Proper cooling prevents thermal throttling, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Longevity: Reduces wear and tear on the CPU, extending its lifespan.
  • Noise Reduction: Efficient coolers operate quieter, leading to a more pleasant computing experience.

Air Coolers vs. Liquid Coolers

  • Air Coolers: Generally more affordable and easier to install. Ideal for moderate use.
  • Liquid Coolers: Offer superior cooling efficiency. Best for overclocking and high-performance tasks.

Best Selling Air Coolers (AM5):

CoolerProsConsPrice (USD)
Noctua NH-D15SExcellent cooling performance, quiet operation, high compatibilityLarge size may not fit in all cases$120
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO V2Affordable, good cooling performance for its price, easy to installNot as quiet as some other coolers on the list$40
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4Excellent cooling performance, quiet operation, high-quality constructionExpensive, large size may not fit in all cases$140
NH D15

Best Selling Liquid Coolers (AM5):

CoolerProsConsPrice (USD)
NZXT Kraken X73Excellent cooling performance, quiet operation, long warrantyExpensive, large size may not fit in all cases$230
Corsair iCUE H100i Elite Capellix XTGood cooling performance, RGB lighting, easy to installNot as quiet as some other coolers on the list$180
EK-Quantum Velocity2 AM5Excellent cooling performance, high-quality construction, customizableExpensive, requires more setup than other AIO coolers$200

Top Air and AIO Coolers for AMD AM5 CPUs

When it comes to cooling solutions, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Here are some of the best options, as reviewed by experts.

Air Coolers

Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE

peerless assassin
  • Specifications: Dual 120mm fans, compatible with AM5 socket.
  • Performance: Exceptional cooling for high TDP CPUs.
  • Pros: Budget-friendly, quiet operation.
  • Cons: Bulky size may not fit in all cases.
  • Review: Tom’s Hardware

Deepcool Assassin III

  • Specifications: Dual 140mm fans, seven heatpipes for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Performance: Top-notch thermal performance, especially for big CPUs.
  • Pros: Silent operation, easy installation.
  • Cons: Lack of RGB lighting.
  • Review: Tom’s Hardware

AIO Liquid Coolers

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 A-RGB

  • Specifications: 240mm radiator, 2x 120mm PWM fans.
  • Performance: Great thermal performance with a unique pump design.
  • Pros: Affordable, quiet operation.
  • Cons: Not ideal for overclocking Ryzen 9 CPUs.
  • Review: Tech4Gamers

Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix XT LCD Cooler

icue h150i
  • Specifications: 360mm radiator, 3x 120mm PWM fans.
  • Performance: Excellent for high-end overclocking.
  • Pros: Attractive RGB lighting, vibrant custom screen.
  • Cons: Expensive.
  • Review: Tech4Gamers

Installation and Compatibility

Installing a CPU cooler correctly is as important as choosing the right one. Here’s a quick guide to ensure a smooth setup.

Installation Tips

  • Read the Manual: Always start by reading the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Thermal Paste Application: Apply the right amount of thermal paste for optimal heat transfer.
  • Secure Mounting: Ensure the cooler is mounted securely to avoid any physical damage to the CPU.

Compatibility Considerations

  • Case Size: Make sure the cooler fits in your case, especially for larger air coolers or AIOs with big radiators.
  • RAM Clearance: Some coolers can interfere with tall RAM modules.
  • Motherboard Socket: Verify that the cooler is compatible with the AM5 socket.

Performance Testing and Benchmarks

When evaluating coolers, it’s important to consider their performance in real-world scenarios. This involves looking at how they handle CPU temperatures under load and their noise levels.

Benchmarking Methodology

  • Stress Testing: Using software like Prime95 to put maximum load on the CPU.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Tracking CPU temperatures during stress tests.
  • Noise Measurement: Assessing the noise level of the cooler’s fans at different speeds.

Air vs. Liquid Cooling Performance

  • Air Coolers: Generally provide sufficient cooling for most users, with a simpler setup.
  • Liquid Coolers: Offer better cooling efficiency, ideal for overclocking and high-performance tasks.

For an in-depth comparison of cooler performance, here’s a useful video: Best AM5 CPU Coolers for Your Next Ryzen 7000 Build.

Price-to-Performance Analysis

The cost of a CPU cooler should align with your specific needs and the overall budget of your PC build.

Budget vs. Premium Coolers

  • Budget Coolers: Adequate for basic needs, but may struggle with high-performance CPUs.
  • Premium Coolers: Offer better cooling and features, ideal for enthusiasts and overclockers.


  • Mid-Range Coolers: Often provide the best balance between price and performance.
  • High-End Coolers: Worth the investment for users who demand the best performance and aesthetics.


Aesthetics and Additional Features

Coolers aren’t just about performance; they also contribute to the look and feel of your PC.

RGB Lighting and Customization

Many coolers come with RGB lighting, adding a personalized touch to your setup. Some even offer software to control and synchronize lighting effects.

Cooler Designs and Build Quality

  • Build Quality: A well-built cooler not only performs better but also lasts longer.
  • Design: From sleek, minimalistic designs to bold, RGB-laden ones, there’s a cooler for every taste.

Real-World Applications and Impact

Gaming Performance

Imagine you’re in the middle of an intense gaming session. Your AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPU is working overtime, but thanks to your high-performance cooler, there’s no fear of overheating or performance drops. This is the reality with a top-notch cooling solution. It’s not just about keeping temperatures down; it’s about sustaining peak performance when it matters most.

Creative Workflows

For creative professionals, time is often of the essence. A cooler that can handle the intense workloads of video editing, 3D rendering, or music production without breaking a sweat means smoother workflows and less waiting around for renders to complete.

Everyday Computing

Even for everyday tasks, a good cooler makes a difference. Quieter operation means a more pleasant environment for work or leisure, and efficient cooling extends the life of your CPU, saving you money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Cooler for Overclocking an AMD AM5 CPU?

For overclocking, liquid coolers generally offer better performance. The Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix XT LCD Cooler is a prime example, providing excellent thermal management for pushing your CPU to its limits.

Can I Use My Old Cooler with the New AMD AM5 CPUs?

It depends on the cooler. Some older models might be compatible with an adapter, but it’s best to check with the manufacturer. For a detailed comparison, check out this Gadgetmates article.

Are Air Coolers Good Enough for AMD AM5 CPUs?

Absolutely! High-quality air coolers like the Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE are more than capable of handling the heat output of these CPUs, especially if you’re not heavily overclocking.

In-Depth Cooler Reviews and Comparisons

Deepcool AK620 DIGITAL Performance Air Cooler

  • Performance: Excellent for mid-range AM5 CPUs.
  • Pros: Superb all-black design, smart RGB lighting.
  • Cons: Slightly expensive for an air cooler.
  • Review: Tech4Gamers

Noctua NH-L9a-AM5 Chromax Black

NH L9a AM5
  • Performance: Best for low-profile builds.
  • Pros: Quiet fan, good performance.
  • Cons: Not ideal for high TDP CPUs.
  • Review: Tech4Gamers

For more detailed reviews, check out this video: 4 Best AM5 CPU Coolers for Your Next Ryzen 7000 Build.

Tables Packed with Value

Cooler ModelTypeCompatibilityNoise LevelPrice Range
Thermalright Assassin 120 SEAirAM5Low$
Corsair iCUE H150i EliteAIO LiquidAM5Moderate$$$
Noctua NH-L9a-AM5AirAM5Very Low$$

Additional Insights and Resources

Upgrading from AM4 to AM5

Upgrading your CPU often means considering a new cooler. While some AM4 coolers might fit AM5 sockets, an upgrade could be a chance to step up your cooling game. For insights into the AM4 vs. AM5 debate, Gadgetmates offers a comprehensive analysis.

The Future of Cooling Technology

As CPUs become more powerful, the cooling technology evolves too. We’re seeing trends towards more efficient, quieter, and smarter coolers. This evolution is not just about keeping up with CPU advancements; it’s about redefining what we expect from our computing experience.

Personal Anecdote

I remember upgrading my cooler when I switched to an AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPU. The difference was night and day, not just in temperatures but in how much quieter my PC became. It’s these little things that enhance our daily interaction with technology.


Choosing the right cooler for your AMD AM5 CPU is a crucial decision that affects not just the performance but also the overall experience of using your computer. Whether you’re gaming, creating, or just browsing, a good cooler makes your PC more reliable, efficient, and enjoyable to use. Remember, the best cooler is one that fits your specific needs and setup. Stay informed, choose wisely, and enjoy the cool, quiet power of your AMD AM5 CPU.

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