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Carry On Travel Bag

Carry-on bags are essential for modern travelers. They are designed to be convenient and easy to move around with. There are many types of carry-on bags, from small suitcases to versatile backpacks, each made to meet the diverse needs of travelers. It can be overwhelming to choose, so it’s important to look for a few key things. We should consider durability, storage space, ergonomic design, and making sure the bag meets airline size limits. The material should be strong enough for travel, and the bag should have compartments for laptops, documents, and personal items. We also look for details like a handle that can be adjusted for different heights, and wheels that roll smoothly. We want the bag to be strong but not too heavy. We’ve tested and compared a range of bags to help you find the best one for your travels.

Top Carry-On Travel Bags

We understand the importance of finding the perfect carry-on bag to make your travels smoother and stress-free. Our selection of top carry-on travel bags has been meticulously chosen to cater to various needs, whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional adventurer. We’ve focused on durability, design, and functionality, ensuring that each bag provides great organization and fits within airline restrictions. Get ready to make your next trip a breeze with one of these stellar carry-on options.

LOVEVOOK Weekender


We think you’ll find this travel duffle bag a savvy choice for your short trips due to its clever design and stylish appearance.


  • Integrated shoe compartment keeps footwear separate
  • Multiple pockets for organized packing
  • Meets most airline carry-on requirements


  • May be too large for some personal item restrictions
  • Style may not appeal to everyone
  • Could be bulkier than expected when fully packed

After taking the LOVEVOOK Weekender for a spin, it’s pretty clear that it’s more than just a good-looking travel companion. The separate shoe compartment is a game changer, keeping my sneakers away from my clothes. And the additional toiletry bag that comes with it? It saved me the hassle of searching for a bag that fits all of my essentials snugly.

The bag boasts a great number of pockets, which make organizing a breeze—everything has its place. Whether I’m packing chargers or snacks, each item is just an arm’s reach away. Sitting snugly in the overhead compartment or resting under the seat in front, the bag’s dimensions hit that sweet spot for carry-on luggage.

It’s important to note that when fully packed, this bag can feel a bit bulky. I’ve zipped through airports without issue, but if you’re someone who packs heavy, this might be something to consider. The style and design are subjective, too; the LOVEVOOK Weekender won’t suit every traveler’s taste, but its chic look has definitely won me over.

On balance, the carry-on emerges as a practical choice for those weekend getaways or overnight business trips. Its thoughtful design seems tailored for today’s traveler who values both form and function. While it stands tall on most aspects, do measure it up against your airline’s sizing specifics to avoid any boarding snags.

UNIQUEBELLA Carry-On Garment Bag


We believe this bag should be on your radar if convenience and garment protection are top priorities for your travels.


  • Keeps clothing wrinkle-free and organized
  • Ample storage with smart compartments
  • Durable, water-resistant material


  • Size may be limiting for longer trips
  • Zippers have been noted as a weak point
  • Shoe pouch could be snug for larger footwear

After taking this UNIQUEBELLA bag on a quick weekend trip, the standout feature was how it kept my suit in pristine condition. The garment bag function is fantastic, spreading out to avoid any creases or wrinkles. I packed my dress shirt and slacks alongside, and they came out just as I packed them—crisp and ready for meetings.

The interior pockets were lifesavers. I loaded them up with ties, cufflinks, and all sorts of small items. Everything stayed in place, exactly where I put it, making unpacking a breeze. And for someone who likes to keep electronics and documents within reach, the exterior pocket came in very handy.

In terms of carrying comfort, the detachable shoulder strap felt robust enough to handle the load. The trolley sleeve was a neat touch as well, sliding smoothly over my suitcase handle as I navigated the airport. It was as if my bag and suitcase were made for each other.

On the downside, when I tried to bring two pairs of shoes, the shoe pouch struggled to fit both comfortably. It’s perfect for a single pair but anything more, and you may have to get creative. And while on the go, I had to handle the zippers with care—they didn’t exude confidence in their sturdiness, a sentiment echoed by some fellow travelers.

All in all, the UNIQUEBELLA Carry-On Garment Bag holds its own as a solid choice for short business trips or weekend getaways. The protection it offers clothes is commendable, and its construction is solid where it counts. Some might find it a tight squeeze for longer journeys or if packing heavy, but for light packers, it’s a gem.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Carry-On


If you’re eyeing a sleek, sturdy travel companion, this carry-on from Kenneth Cole REACTION fits the bill with its practical design and durability.


  • Effortlessly maneuverable with its 4-wheel spinners
  • Notably resilient with reinforced corner guards
  • Impressively light, not adding much to your travel load


  • Exterior can show scuffs and scratches over time
  • Capacity might be limited for long trips
  • Handle feels less robust compared to the suitcase body

On my last business trip, I decided to give the Kenneth Cole REACTION Carry-On a whirl. With its lightweight design, I breezed through the terminal without feeling burdened. The spinner wheels were a joy; no matter the rush or tight corners, the suitcase glided beside me as if on autopilot. It slipped effortlessly into overhead compartments, a perfect fit.

The suitcase’s ruggedness was tested on a cobblestone street, and to my relief, it managed brilliantly. The corner guards stood up to the challenge, and while the shell did its job protecting my belongings, it picked up some superficial battle scars. Over time, these marks gave it a sense of character, proof of its resilience through varied travel conditions.

One aspect I’m cautious about is the telescoping handle. While it locks in place and adjusts smoothly, it seems like it may not withstand the test of time and rough handling as well as the rest of the suitcase. For short trips, this carry-on is a gem. But for anyone packing for longer getaways, it could be a tight squeeze. Travel light, and this spinner won’t disappoint.

ETRONIK Weekender Bag


If you’re seeking a travel companion that’s both stylish and practical, this ETRONIK Weekender Bag is a contender.


  • Ingenious organization options
  • Compliant with typical carry-on standards
  • Incorporates a handy shoe compartment


  • Limited capacity for longer trips
  • Charging port may not be useful for everyone
  • Water bottle holders could be larger

We just got our hands on the ETRONIK Weekender Bag, and we’re already impressed by the neat extras. The multiple bags for shoes and toiletries mean our clothes stay clean and we’re never fumbling for smaller items.

The separate shoe compartment is a feature that we can’t get enough of. It’s a lifesaver for keeping our kicks away from our clothes. Plus, the air vents tackle any odors, which is brilliant on a packed trip.

We appreciate that we can slide this bag onto our suitcase handle. It makes navigating through crowded airports a breeze. We found the water-resistant material provides some peace of mind, knowing our stuff is safe if we get caught in a downpour.

Unfortunately, the bag isn’t the go-to for week-long vacations. Its size is perfect for short weekend getaways, but you might struggle to pack everything for more extended stays.

The charging port looks cool but doesn’t add much value unless staying powered up on the go is high on your list. We noticed some might find the water bottle pockets a bit snug for bigger bottles, a small hiccup in an otherwise standout design.

We must admit, though, as a go-to bag for quick jaunts or as a gym sidekick, the ETRONIK Weekender Bag has us covered. The thoughtful compartments and easy-to-carry design make hopping from place to place seamless. It’s our new must-have for short trips, and it might just be yours, too.

ETRONIK Medium Travel Bag


If you’re in search of a flexible and reliable travel companion, this ETRONIK bag should be on your radar.


  • Remarkably spacious for its size
  • A dedicated waterproof compartment keeps wet items isolated
  • Clever shoe compartment design to separate footwear from clothes


  • Shoe compartment might restrict space if oversized footwear is packed
  • Can be too large for some personal item size restrictions on flights
  • Limited color options may not appeal to all

We’ve taken this ETRONIK travel bag on numerous weekend getaways and found its space to be ample for all our essentials. Even after days on the road, our gear remained organized and accessible, thanks to its well-thought-out compartments.

The water-resistant fabric proved trustworthy in damp conditions, protecting our belongings. Despite unpredictable weather, the contents of our bag were dry and safe.

Its compatibility with airline carry-on standards eased our minds while boarding—slipping it under the seat or in the overhead bin was trouble-free, which is always a plus when navigating the hustle and bustle of airports.

This bag shines for short trips. Its ability to transition from an airport essential to a gym staple makes it quite the useful item in our collection. Whether for carrying sports gear or packing for a swift business trip, we found that it adaptably holds what we need without added bulk.

The thoughtful inclusion of a toiletry bag is a small but significant bonus. It held our personal items neatly, saving us time when moving through security lines. After several trips, we’ve come to count on this bag for its versatility and durability, two qualities essential when choosing a travel bag.

BAGSMART Weekender


We find this travel bag to be a smart choice for weekend getaways, providing compartments for everything without compromising on style.


  • Ample space for short trips
  • Separate compartments for organization
  • Travel-friendly with a sleek look


  • May be too compact for longer travels
  • Only one design available
  • Limited to one waterproof pocket

After a recent weekend trip, we were quite impressed with the BAGSMART Weekender’s smart organization. The dual compartments worked perfectly for separating our electronics from clothes and essentials. We confidently stowed away our laptop in the padded compartment and still had room for our clothes and toiletry kit.

Handling the bag through the airport was a breeze. Our shoes stayed isolated in the dedicated shoe compartment, keeping our clothing pristine. Accessing our passport and phone from the front pocket as we moved through security checkpoints was particularly convenient.

Even after an accidental coffee spill, the waterproof pocket inside the bag was a savior, keeping everything dry. While we traveled light, we thought of those who might prefer packing more, and we noticed the bag’s size might limit them. However, for those in search of an elegant and capable travel companion, this carry-on bag would be an excellent fit.

BJLFS Weekender

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If you’re seeking a stylish and dependable carry-on, this BJLFS weekender bag is an exceptional choice due to its functionality and chic design.


  • Effortless portability with the luggage sleeve
  • Versatile use with a detachable shoulder strap
  • Separate compartment for wet items


  • Limited to one main compartment
  • May not suit those preferring rigid luggage
  • Bright color not for everyone’s taste

After recently taking the BJLFS weekender on a quick business trip, the benefits of its smart design became immediately apparent. Slipping the bag’s integrated trolley sleeve over my suitcase handle saved me the hassle of juggling multiple bags through the terminal. With plenty of space, I easily stowed away my laptop, alongside essentials for an overnight stay – impressively, without feeling bulky or overpacked.

The separable shoulder strap is another feature I thoroughly appreciated. I switched between over-the-shoulder and hand-carrying with ease, based on what felt most comfortable at the moment. Plus, the bright pink hue certainly made a fashion statement and was easy to spot among the sea of black and blue bags.

Even upon my return, when I had to pack a damp swimsuit, the wet item compartment proved incredibly handy. It kept the rest of my belongings dry, sidestepping a common travel nuisance.

Though it fulfilled most of my traveling needs, I did notice the single-compartment design could prove insufficient for those who love multiple pockets for organization. Additionally, those accustomed to hard-shell carry-ons might find the softer structure less protective. Lastly, the vivid pink might not resonate with everyone’s style, but that’s a minor point, more preference than a true con.

Overall, our recent trip with the BJLFS Weekender Solidified its spot at the top of my travel bag list – functional, fashionable, and just the right size for our travel necessaries.

Narwey Travel Duffel


Grabbing this bag, we were immediately impressed by how well it catered to our travel needs without the extra baggage fees.


  • Fits under airplane seats with ease
  • Surprisingly roomy yet folds down small
  • Straps are sturdy and include a shoulder option


  • The shoulder strap could be more padded
  • External pocket access can be awkward when full
  • Might not withstand rough handling over time

Checking out the Narwey Travel Duffel at the airport, we noticed how it easily slid under the seat. The advertised dimensions were true to form, making our boarding process a breeze. It’s impressive how this bag avoids the extra charge for carry-ons—a major win for frequent flyers on budget airlines.

What stood out during the trip was the bag’s ability to expand and accommodate everything we needed. Packing was never a hassle, as the duffel conformed to the shape of our gear, from clothes to tech gadgets. The additional shoulder strap came in handy, distributing the weight when we had to move quickly through terminals.

However, fully stuffed, getting items from the outer pocket was a bit of a struggle. We recommend keeping essentials like passports or phones in a separate, more accessible spot. Moreover, while the bag held up during our travels, we do wonder about its long-term resilience. The material and build suggest gentle usage would be best to extend its life.

BAGSMART Weekender


Pack with confidence using this versatile weekender; it might just become your go-to travel companion.


  • Cleverly designed compartments offer a place for everything
  • Straps for a yoga mat add a unique touch for fitness enthusiasts
  • The separate shoe compartment keeps your clothes fresh


  • When fully packed, it can be a bit cumbersome
  • Durability may be an issue with intensive use
  • Limited color choices may not suit all tastes

On our last trip, we found the BAGSMART Weekender truly lived up to its name. Everything had its place, thanks to the practical layout. You could feel the ease of pulling out the yoga mat using the dedicated straps, a nifty feature after a long day of travel. The array of smaller bags included proved invaluable for keeping makeup and shoes separate – a real bonus for staying organized.

We particularly enjoyed the capacious nature of the main compartment. Fit for a few days’ worth of clothes, it held our essentials without a hitch. The shoe compartment was a blessing, ensuring that worn sneakers didn’t mingle with our clean outfits. The smaller pockets were handy for stashing snacks and gadgets, readily accessible throughout the journey.

Having said that, we noticed the bag could get heavy when fully stacked with gear, an aspect to consider if you’re facing a lot of transit. And while the build felt sturdy, we’re keeping an eye on the wear and tear – a factor that’s yet to be fully tested on our adventures. Lastly, while we’re fans of the sleek black design, some additional color variety would be welcome for those looking to match their luggage with a little more personality.

Baosha Chic Carry-On


If you’re looking for a versatile and stylish travel companion, we think this Baosha carry-on is a splendid choice due to its multifunctionality and build quality.


  • Seamless integration with rolling luggage handles
  • Capable of being a weekend, gym, or overnight bag
  • Built to last with a lifetime warranty


  • Could be too compact for some travelers
  • Possible initial odor which dissipates over time
  • Fabric may be less durable than some high-end materials

Having recently zipped through the airport with the Baosha Chic Carry-On, we appreciated its smart design that allowed us to slide it over our suitcase handle, making the dreaded dash to the gate less of a hassle. Its canvas and faux leather gave off an air of understated elegance that didn’t scream “tourist” which, let’s be honest, is a look we’re all after.

During our weekend trip, the bag was surprisingly spacious, easily fitting the essentials. It transitioned from a travel bag to a gym bag without missing a beat, showcasing its dexterity. In the bustling confines of an overhead compartment or under the seat, the bag nestled in nicely, ensuring our belongings stayed secure and accessible throughout the flight.

What really sold us, though, was the peace of mind that came with the lifetime warranty. While this Baosha isn’t the cavernous hold-all that some might require, its compact size invites smarter packing and adds an ease to movement that larger bags can’t match. We did notice an initial smell upon unboxing, but it faded after a day of airing out. The canvas material, while not as resilient as some high-tech fabrics, held up well against the rigors of travel.

Overall, we’ve grown quite fond of this little trooper and are confident that it’ll be flying off to many more destinations with us.

Buying Guide

Size and Dimensions

When looking for the right carry-on travel bag, it’s important to start with size and dimensions. Airlines have specific requirements, so let’s make sure our bag fits in the overhead bin or under the seat. Typical size limits are around 22″ x 14″ x 9″, but it’s wise to check with the airline.

Material Quality

Next, we’ll consider the material quality. Our carry-on should withstand the wear and tear of travel. Materials like high-denier fabric ensure durability, while hard-shelled cases offer extra protection.

Compartments and Organization

A good carry-on has well-thought-out compartments. We want to easily organize our items, having quick access to essentials. A mix of zippered pockets and spacious main compartments works best.


The weight of the bag is also crucial. We aim for a lightweight bag to avoid strain and ensure it doesn’t consume much of the airline’s weight allowance.

Wheels and Handles

Wheels and handles add to convenience. A bag with a sturdy telescopic handle and smooth-rolling wheels makes moving through the airport a breeze.

SizeHighMust comply with airline restrictions.
MaterialHighDurability is key.
CompartmentsMediumFor organized packing.
WeightHighLightweight for easy handling.
Wheels/HandlesMediumShould be sturdy and maneuverable.


Lastly, we assess our budget and consider the carry-on’s price. We want a bag that offers value, balancing cost with the features we most need. Here’s to finding the perfect travel buddy for our adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to travel, picking the right carry-on bag can make all the difference. We’ll cover the must-knows about size, features, types, and regulations.

What are the dimensions for carry-on luggage that meet airline standards?

Most airlines specify carry-on bags shouldn’t exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Always check with your airline before flying, as these dimensions can vary.

Which features should one look for in a carry-on backpack for frequent travel?

Look for cushioned straps, a durable build, and multiple compartments for easy organization. A backpack with a padded laptop sleeve and a water-resistant exterior is a bonus.

How do hard and soft luggage options compare for carry-on use?

Hard luggage offers better protection and is usually water-resistant. Soft luggage often has more give for squeezing into tight spaces and external pockets for easy access to travel essentials.

What factors should be considered when choosing a carry-on bag for international travel?

International travel often has stricter size limits. Check airline guidelines and consider a bag with a built-in lock, high-quality zippers, and materials that withstand frequent handling.

What are the TSA requirements for carry-on luggage dimensions?

The TSA recommends that carry-on luggage does not exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

What type of carry-on luggage is most convenient for women travelers?

Women travelers generally favor luggage that’s lightweight, styled with an ergonomic design, and versatile enough for various travel needs, such as wheels for rolling and convertible straps for carrying.

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