The Bard's Tale IV
The Bard's Tale IV

Embarking on an adventure in “The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep” is like immersing yourself in a world full of ancient magic, intricate puzzles, and dangerous adversaries. Developed by inXile Entertainment, this role-playing game marks a significant return to a beloved series. Players find themselves in the city of Skara Brae, where they navigate a narrative rich with lore and engaging encounters designed to challenge both new and veteran gamers alike.

Providing guidance through the game’s winding paths and cryptic challenges, a comprehensive walkthrough is essential for any player looking to fully experience what “The Bard’s Tale IV” has to offer. From mastering basic gameplay mechanics to uncovering the hidden treasures of Barrows Deep, this guide aims to furnish adventurers with the insights needed to succeed. Whether you’re figuring out the intricacies of combat, solving the game’s trickiest puzzles, or exploring every nook for secrets, a walkthrough can illuminate the way.

Getting Started: Character Creation and Party Building

Bard’s Tale IV’s character creation offers substantial depth. Here’s a quick primer to get you started:

  • Classes: Choose from Fighter, Rogue, Bard, Practitioner, and later on, specialized sub-classes. Each class has unique skills and roles in战斗.
  • Races: Humans, Elves, and Dwarves offer different stat bonuses. Your race mostly impacts starting stats.
  • Skills: Distribute skill points carefully. Focus on your character’s desired combat role and essential puzzle-solving tools.

Party Composition Tips:

RoleClass Recommendations
DamageFighter, Rogue

Aim for a balanced party with a mix of damage, survivability, and utility. Two melee fighters, a Bard, and a Practitioner form a reliable core setup.

Skara Brae: Exploration and Key Quests

Skara Brae is the central hub of the game. Speak to everyone, investigate thoroughly, and take on these important quests:

  • Main Quest: Follow the Adventurer’s Guild storyline to unravel the mysteries of Skara Brae.
  • Gild Quests: Each guild (Fighters, Practitioners, etc.) offers side quests for valuable rewards and experience.
  • Puzzles: Many houses and areas in Skara Brae have puzzles. Solving them often grants loot or skill point rewards.

Venturing Out: The Wider World

As you progress, you’ll explore dangerous dungeons and wilderness areas filled with enemies.

AreaNotable Quests & Challenges
Mangar’s TowerA challenging early dungeon with puzzles and a powerful boss fight
Kylearan’s TowerDiscover a hidden world with unique puzzles and rewards
Drunken Rat TavernOffers side quests and access to the Elven puzzle area

Combat Essentials

  • Opportunity Points: Your key resource in combat. Manage them wisely for skills and movement.
  • Positioning: Flank enemies for extra damage; use tanks to protect vulnerable characters.
  • Crowd Control: Bards and Practitioners have songs and spells to disable foes, use them strategically.

Puzzle Solving Tips

  • Exploration: Thoroughly search for clues, hidden switches, and interactive objects.
  • Bard Songs: Essential for various puzzles. Experiment with different ones.
  • Note-taking: Some puzzles require you to track patterns or symbols.

Additional Resources

  • Online Guides: Websites often have detailed walkthroughs for specific quests and dungeons.
  • The Bard’s Tale IV Wiki: A great source for item lists, character build advice, and lore.

Key Takeaways

  • Navigating Skara Brae requires understanding game mechanics and solving puzzles.
  • Effective strategies enhance combat encounters and character progression.
  • A guide is invaluable for uncovering secrets and mastering “The Bard’s Tale IV”.

Getting Started

Before jumping into the adventure of “The Bard’s Tale IV”, it’s crucial to understand the basics of the game. This section will guide you through the essentials, from system requirements to character creation, setting you up for a smooth start in this role-playing world.

Game Overview

“The Bard’s Tale IV” is a role-playing game that challenges players with intricate puzzles, engaging combat, and a rich story. As you progress, you’ll need to build a party of characters, each with unique skills and abilities. The game provides a variety of classes such as fighters and mages, each with different focus, strength, intelligence, constitution, and armor class.

System Requirements

Before playing, ensure your system meets the minimum requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or Radeon HD 7970
  • Storage: 55 GB available space

These requirements are necessary for the game to run properly.

Character Creation

Creating your character is a central part of “The Bard’s Tale IV”. You’ll select a class that affects your skills and approach to the game. When crafting your hero, consider the four main attributes:

  • Strength: Affects physical power and damage.
  • Intelligence: Governs magical abilities and spell potency.
  • Constitution: Determines health and resilience.
  • Focus: Used for special abilities and maintaining armor class during combat.

Choose wisely, as these decisions will shape your journey.

Choosing a Game Difficulty

“The Bard’s Tale IV” offers various difficulty levels, from ‘Easy’ for newcomers to ‘Legacy Mode’ for veterans. Difficulty impacts the complexity of puzzles and the toughness of enemies. Here are the options available:

  • Easy: For a more casual experience with simpler challenges.
  • Normal: A balanced level for most players.
  • Hard: For those seeking a strategic test.
  • Legacy Mode: A throwback to the difficulty of classic role-playing games.

Select a difficulty that suits your playstyle to get the most enjoyment from the game.

Basic Gameplay Mechanics

In “The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep,” players navigate a world rich with mystery and danger, where strategy and skill are key.

Movement and Exploration

Players move through the game in a first-person view, encountering various locales within its world. Exploration is critical as it can lead to finding hidden paths, valuable loot, and essential items. Quests are often discovered this way, and solving puzzles can open new areas.

Combat System

Combat in “The Bard’s Tale IV” is turn-based, requiring careful planning and consideration of enemy weaknesses. Players can equip weapons and armor to enhance their party’s capabilities. The right equipment can mean the difference between victory and defeat against powerful foes.

Interacting with the Environment

Interaction with the environment is more than just moving objects around. Players must be observant to solve environmental puzzles. Listening for audio clues or looking for patterns can reveal secrets or paths that aid in their quest.

Inventory Management

The inventory system is a critical aspect, as managing equipment, armor, and loots such as weapons and money, determines a player’s preparedness for the challenges ahead. It is essential to keep a well-organized inventory to ensure quick access to necessary items during a quest or combat.

Advanced Tactics and Strategies

Mastering the more subtle elements in “The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep” can make a huge difference in your gameplay. This section covers the best ways to handle advanced game aspects like skills, stances, and party coordination.

Skill Trees and Abilities

Each character class in The Bard’s Tale IV possesses a unique skill tree. Focusing on the right abilities can turn the tide in battle. Fighters, for instance, should enhance strength-based skills for maximum melee damage, whereas Mages benefit more from intelligence-driven abilities to strengthen their spells. It’s crucial to balance your skill points between offense and defense for a well-rounded character.

Utilizing Stances

Stances offer strategic advantages mid-combat. Switching to an aggressive stance boosts your attack at the expense of defense, whereas a defensive stance does the opposite. Knowing when to switch stances is key, such as using an aggressive stance when aiming to finish off a weakened enemy or defensive when you need to endure an incoming barrage of attacks.

Party Composition and Synergy

A well-rounded party should have a mix of front-line fighters, spell casters, and support members like the bard, who can buff allies. Ensuring your party has a balance of skills and abilities allows for effective synergy in combat. Team members should complement each other, with tanks absorbing damage, mages dealing with groups of enemies, and bards enhancing the party’s overall performance.

Leveraging the Environment

The battlefields of The Bard’s Tale IV are not just simple backdrops. Use them to your advantage. Here, positioning is key. Place your party members strategically to avoid being surrounded, and use choke points to control enemy movement. Some environmental objects can also be manipulated to deal damage to your enemies or to block off certain paths.

Quests and Story Progression

In “The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep,” the journey unfolds through a series of quests that shape the adventure. Whether you’re tackling essential tasks or exploring additional storylines, each quest advances the story in its unique way.

Main Quests

Main quests like “The Best of Us” are the backbone of your journey in Skara Brae and beyond. These quests guide you through the game’s rich narrative, presenting challenges and unfolding the central story of the world. For instance, “Keeper of the Old Ways” and “Death to the Mad God” are pivotal missions that drive the plot forward and shape the hero’s path.

Side Quests

Side quests, while optional, provide depth and context. A quest like “Low Friends in Low Places” might not be crucial to the main storyline, but it enriches the world and rewards players with extra lore, items, and achievements. For example, completing “The Lost Rookery” can unlock secrets and provide alternative ways to tackle the obstacles in the game.

Storyline Arcs

As you progress, story arcs unfold to reveal the history and current state of Skara Brae. These arcs dive into every nook of the game’s world, bringing to life the struggles and triumphs of its inhabitants. The interconnected nature of quests ensures that each choice made and path taken weaves into the larger narrative, influencing the game world and its characters.

Puzzles and Riddles

The Bard’s Tale IV packs a variety of engaging puzzles and riddles, each requiring a mix of logic, observation, and sometimes a bit of trial and error. Let’s break down the main types you’ll encounter in the game.

Environment Puzzles

In The Bard’s Tale IV, environment puzzles often involve observing your surroundings to unlock new areas or treasures. You may find yourself in a mushroom circle, where stepping on mushrooms in a particular sequence is crucial. Look around for hints in the world—patterns or symbols on walls may be the key to solving these enigmatic challenges.

Gear and Lever Challenges

Gear and lever challenges are mechanical puzzles that you’ll often come across in dungeons. They usually require you to place gears onto a cog system or pull levers in a specific order to activate a mechanism or open a hidden passage. Keep an eye out for missing gears around the area, as they might be lying nearby and are essential to complete the puzzle.

Hidden Pathways

Some puzzles conceal pathways that lead to valuable items or necessary progression in the game. These hidden corridors can be revealed by solving riddles inscribed on statues or by activating secret levers that could be disguised in the environment. Pay attention to subtle visual clues and sounds around you, as they might suggest the presence of a pathway waiting to be discovered.

Exploration and Secrets

Exploring the nooks and crannies of “The Bard’s Tale IV” reveals a world brimming with hidden spots and lore-rich collectibles. Secret paths often unlock with a keen eye and the right actions.

Hidden Areas

“The Bard’s Tale IV” welcomes adventurers to its many concealed areas. Players should keep an eye out for unusual markings on walls or floors, indicating a hidden hand switch that can reveal new areas. For example, following trails left by skeletons might lead to a forgotten room with treasures or a trap lying in wait.

Collectibles and Lore

Throughout the journey, a wealth of collectibles awaits, each adding depth to the game’s history. Collecting pieces of lore from books and scrolls enriches the player’s understanding of the narrative. Spotting a mushroom circle can sometimes hint at nearby secrets, encouraging further investigation.

Unlocking Secret Paths

To unlock secret paths, adventurers must solve varied puzzles. This could range from finding a hidden lever near a staircase to playing a particular song to open a nearby door. Some paths are more tricky, hidden behind traps or requiring the player to navigate through complex stairs and passageways ingeniously woven into the game’s environment.

Combat Encounters

In “The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep,” players will face a variety of combat challenges, from the standard skirmishes to the strategic boss fights. Understanding how to best use your party’s abilities, the environment, and knowing your enemies’ weaknesses are keys to victory.

Enemy Types and Weaknesses

The enemies in Bard’s Tale IV are diverse, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, ghosts can be particularly troubling if you’re not prepared with the right spells or abilities. On the other hand, The Hungering Blade is a foe that surprises many players with its resilience and powerful attacks. Here’s a brief overview of enemy vulnerabilities:

  • Ghosts: Use magical attacks or special skills to hit ethereal enemies.
  • The Hungering Blade: Focus fire and use debuffs to mitigate its strength.

Boss Battles

Boss fights in Bard’s Tale IV are complex and demand a grasp of deeper combat tactics. Each boss comes with a unique set of challenges that test your strategic planning:

  • Prepare for boss battles by studying their attack patterns and adapting your party setup.
  • Be ready to react to new threats mid-fight, as bosses often change tactics or summon help.

Tactical Use of the Environment

The environment during combat can be a critical ally or a deadly foe. Traps can be used to your advantage if you lure enemies into them, but they can also pose a risk to your party:

  • Traps: Lead enemies into traps to damage or incapacitate them.
  • Use obstacles and choke points to control the flow of battle and keep enemies at bay.

Each combat encounter in Bard’s Tale IV is an opportunity to showcase your tactical prowess and resourcefulness. Whether it’s utilizing the environment or exploiting enemy weaknesses, the key to survival often lies beyond the raw strength of your party.

Equipment and Items

In “The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep,” gear like weapons, armor, and special items are crucial for your journey. They can make or break your success as you navigate through the challenging quests and puzzles.

Weapons and Armor

Equip your characters with a variety of weapons and armor found throughout the game. Swords, bows, and maces are standard—each with unique stats that boost your offensive abilities. On the defense side, you’ll find shields, helmets, and body armor that raise your chances of surviving enemy attacks. Remember, matching your gear to your character’s class can result in big advantages in battle.

Puzzle Weapons and Unique Gear

Some weapons in the game carry a secret—a riddle or a puzzle that, when solved, unlocks their true power. Examples include Gaufain’s Hammer, a mighty weapon with hidden might. There’s also unique gear that offers exceptional abilities or stats, setting them apart from common finds.

Item Acquisition and Upgrades

Gear can be found as loot, given as a reward for completing quests, or purchased from vendors. Keep an eye out for caltrops and other handy tools to aid you in turning the tides of combat. Upgrading your items often requires specific materials or knowledge found throughout the game. Pay attention to these details, as they can significantly enhance your equipment’s effectiveness.

Magic and Abilities

In “The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep,” magic forms the backbone of your party’s power. Harnessing the right spells and abilities turns the tide of any battle. Each spellcaster’s effectiveness hinges on their skills and the careful management of their resources.

Practitioner Spells

Practitioners are the primary magic users in the game, capable of wielding powerful spells. They rely heavily on their Intelligence stat to unlock and strengthen their magic. The skills they learn can range from offensive fireballs to defensive barriers, and each is pivotal in the party’s survival. Notable spells include:

  • Arcane Barrage: A burst of energy damaging multiple foes.
  • Mend Wounds: A spell to heal party members’ injuries.

It is essential to build a Practitioner’s skill tree with a balance of attack and support spells to ensure versatility in every encounter.

Casting and Mana Management

Casting spells in “The Bard’s Tale IV” requires mana, a magical resource that depletes with each spell and recharges over time. Managing this mana is vital to maintaining a steady flow of magic throughout combat. Here are a few tips to keep your Practitioners ready:

  1. Focus: This skill replenishes mana and is a must-have for any spellcaster.
  2. Intelligent Use: Target enemies’ weaknesses with specific element spells to minimize mana waste.

By focusing on adept mana management and knowing when to cast, Practitioners can continually support the team with their magic and abilities.

Unlockable Areas and Items

In “The Bard’s Tale IV”, unlocking new areas and obtaining special items is crucial for progress. Players need to find specific keys and solve puzzles to advance.

Keys and Doors

A common obstacle for players is finding the right key for a locked door. For instance, steel keys are usually needed to open heavy doors that block the way to new sections. Sometimes a lever can be found in the vicinity of a door. It’s essential to check the surrounding area for any levers, as they might control the opening of a nearby door or a portcullis.

Puzzle Solutions and Rewards

Puzzles are a big part of discovering secret areas and they often include rewards. Solving a puzzle might reveal a hidden compartment containing a key or lead to the activation of another mechanism that opens a new area. Be mindful to observe your surroundings – clues for the puzzle could be etched into the walls or hidden within the environment. Now and then, a solution might lead to a powerful item that can aid your journey.

The World of The Bard’s Tale IV

The Bard’s Tale IV brings players into a richly detailed fantasy world. Here, adventurers explore cities steeped in history and wander through ancient forests brimming with mystery.

Cities and Villages

Skara Brae is the centerpiece of civilization in the game. It’s a city with a grueling past, known for the event “Hard Times in Skara Brae,” where its people face oppression. Despite challenges, it thrives with various interactive characters and quests. Nearby, smaller communities dot the landscape, each with their local color and secrets waiting to be discovered by intrepid adventurers.

Forests and Dungeons

Venture beyond the cities, and you’ll find the Forest of Inshriach, a sprawling woodland teeming with danger and beauty. Here, Elven Wiles come into play—sly tactics used by the elf folk to navigate and survive the forest’s depths. Subterranean adventures await in the numerous dungeons, each offering unique puzzles and fierce battles. Spelunking these caverns is essential for uncovering the mysteries of hidden artifacts and the game’s lore.

Factions and Races

The world is home to various factions and races, with each group carving out its existence in this fantasy land. The Fichti, forest dwellers with a deep connection to their homeland, maintain a cautious interaction with outsiders. The game also introduces players to the Baedish people, whose history and traditions enrich the story’s backdrop. The struggle for power and survival between these groups creates a dynamic environment for players to navigate.

Engaging with characters from diverse backgrounds, including the secretive Elf population, reveals the complex relationships that shape the world of The Bard’s Tale IV.

Lore and Backstory

Before venturing into the world of “The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep”, it’s essential to understand its rich history and the characters that shape its narrative. From the legacy of the “Blood of Kings” to the mysteries of the “Sacred Grove”, each element weaves into the grand adventure that awaits.

The Bard’s Tale History

“The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep” is the latest installment in a series that has captivated players for decades. Its history stretches back to the first game, where heroes fought against the wizard Mangar’s evil. This chapter continues the saga, with players exploring a beautifully crafted environment filled with legends, songs, and the remnants of battles long past.

Notable Characters

Key figures in the story include:

  • The Bard: The game’s central figure, using music and courage to influence the world.
  • Mangar: An infamous wizard whose legacy, like “Mangar’s Bones,” haunts the player’s journey.
  • The Blessed Lady: A figure shrouded in mystery, often referenced in the song and story throughout the game.

Characters both new and old shape the events, with their motives and histories carefully revealed as players traverse this fantasy landscape.

Blood of Kings and Legacy

The quest titled “Blood of Kings” is pivotal, guiding players through an epic narrative born out of the game’s ancestry. As they journey through locations such as “The Sacred Grove” and face trials like “Bones in the Fog,” they uncover pieces of the past that are key to understanding the world and its current turmoil. Such elements not only build upon the game’s plot but provide a deep sense of continuity and significance to every action taken by the player.

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

In “Bard’s Tale 4,” knowing a few extra tips can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. From boosting game performance to uncovering hidden secrets, this section covers some clever tactics.

Maximizing Performance

Lowering Graphic Settings: For smoother gameplay, especially if you notice lag, adjust the graphic settings. Players should consider reducing them to low while keeping Resolution Downscale at 100% to maintain clarity.

Achievements and Milestones

Tracking Progress: Achievements are milestones that give players goals to strive for. Certain actions, such as finding all Luck Stones or sharing bottles of whiskey with companions, can unlock these achievements.

Fun Easter Eggs

Seeking Hidden Gems: The game is full of surprises, including Easter eggs for observant players. Keep an eye out for a humorous reference or a special item, like an apple or jars of honey, hidden in unlikely places like lantern-lit corners.


When playing “The Bard’s Tale IV,” players may encounter certain issues. This section provides solutions to common problems and guidance on where to seek technical support.

Common Issues

Game Crashes:

  • Ensure your system meets the minimum game requirements.
  • Update graphics drivers and game patches.

Performance Lag:

  • Lower graphic settings in the game’s options.
  • Close background applications.

Technical Support

Contacting Support:

  • Visit the game’s official website for support contact options.
  • Use forums such as Steam for community assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of “The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep” can be a bit tricky, with its intricate puzzles and extensive gameplay. The following frequently asked questions will assist in smoothing out some of the common hurdles players face.

How do I solve the complex puzzles featured throughout the game?

Puzzles in “The Bard’s Tale IV” are a mix of logic and environmental challenges. Pay attention to the clues given in-game and don’t hesitate to experiment with different solutions. Sometimes stepping back and re-examining the surroundings can offer a new perspective that leads to a solution.

What are the optimal character builds and best starting class for new players?

For new players, starting with a Fighter or a Practitioner can be beneficial due to their straightforward combat mechanics. Building a balanced team with a mix of melee and ranged fighters, as well as magic users, ensures you’re well-equipped for various scenarios.

Can you provide a step-by-step guide to completing the side quests?

While side quests vary, a general tip is to thoroughly explore each area and converse with all NPCs. These actions often trigger side quest opportunities. Always keep a record of NPCs’ requests and check your quest log often to stay on track.

Where can I find the old key and its associated uses?

The old key is usually found by solving puzzles or by defeating certain enemies who drop it as loot. This key can unlock doors or chests that contain valuable items, contributing to your adventure progress.

What methods are available for efficiently earning money in the game?

One efficient way to earn money is to complete side quests, which typically reward players with coin or sellable items. Additionally, exploring dungeons thoroughly and selling unused gear can boost your funds.

What is the maximum character level attainable, and how does leveling work?

The maximum level is set at 50, and players can level up their characters by gaining experience through combat, completing quests, and solving puzzles. Each level gained allows you to enhance your character’s skills and attributes, making them stronger and more versatile.

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