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In “Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden,” it’s crucial to understand the strengths of Red and Antea, along with their ideal weapon and equipment pairings to conquer the challenges that await. This guide will help you maximize their potential for a smooth and satisfying journey through this haunting world. Selecting the right weapon and equipment is essential for mastering the game, as players journey through a world filled with spectral enemies. This guide provides insights into the game’s best weapons and equipment, helping players enhance their performance in combat. Equipment and weapon choice in “Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden” can significantly impact how players approach challenges, as different gear caters to different play styles. Understanding each item’s attributes and advantages ensures that players are well-equipped for the threats they will encounter.

Best Weapons and Equipment Guide

Best Gear and Where to Find It


Banisher Garment: This leather armor grants 2 Banish points per hit, allowing you to use the powerful Banishment effect more frequently. It can be found in a locked chest in a cottage in the Harrows region.

Marauder Armor: Reduces damage taken by up to 30% as your health gauge increases. Purchase it from Nellie Heayton at the Hunters Camp for 600 pieces of eight after completing her Haunting Case.

Primary Weapons

Saber & Firebane – Second Wind: Restores 7% of health with each melee kill, enhancing survivability in combat. Obtain this weapon by completing the “Prudence in All Things” quest in the Dark Forest.

Grand Behourt: Increases charged heavy attack damage by 80%. This weapon is found in a locked chest in the Western Mire Marshes.


Rifle – Opportunist: Deals 100% more damage to wounded enemies. Find it in a locked chest in a ruined cottage at the entrance to the Harrows region.

Black Belly: Doubles body shot damage with the rifle. It is located in a lost chest near the underground Dormitory shelter in Mount Pleasant.

Swift Shot: Increases rifle damage by 40% per weak spot hit, stacking with each successful shot. It is found in a lost chest on the East Side of the Mire Marshes after your first Void travel.


Metamorphosis: Refills the Spirit gauge by 100% upon defeating an enemy with Banish. Obtain it by defeating the main boss in the Fort Jericho mines.

Equilibrium: Increases damage by 25% against wounded enemies but decreases it by 90% against full health enemies. This amulet is found at Siridean’s Hut during the main story quest.


Earthbound: Doubles the area of effect for punch attacks. It is located in a locked chest at the Bligh Estate in Mount Pleasant.

As Above So Below: Boosts the next punch attack by 150% after using Leap. This item is found in a lost chest by the Collapsed House shelter under the Harrows Hamlet.


Vigor Mortis: Expands Outburst’s radius by 70%, enhancing its effectiveness in crowd control. Find it during the “A Hellbound Heart” quest in the Harrows Hamlet.

Death’s Head: Reduces Manifestations cooldowns by 5 seconds with every third punch attack. This brooch is located in a cursed chest in the caves beneath the Harrows Hamlet.


Ethereal Haste: Grants a 50% damage bonus when all of Antea’s Presences are on cooldown, ideal for aggressive play styles.

Essential Liquor: Restores 6 Spirit points on the third punch attack, synergizing well with the Death’s Head brooch. Obtain it by defeating the Clouded Harvester in the Northern Mire Marshes.

Healing Shot: Restores 7% health per weak spot hit with the rifle, useful for sharpshooters. This decoction is found in a lost chest en route to the Harrows.

Bane Rings

Red’s First Bane Ring: Offers a stable 5% damage reduction without additional requirements, making it useful for tough boss fights.

Halcyon Days: Increases damage of Outburst, Ensnare, and Leap Manifestations but consumes 5% of current health points. Found in the Forsaken Farm Haunting Grounds in the Harrows.

Born of Trees: Boosts Antea’s damage by up to 50% the higher the Spirit gauge. Locate it in a locked chest at the western end of the Mire Marshes.

Exemplary Build: Rifle and Banishing Bar

For those looking to optimize their gameplay with a focus on the rifle and quick regeneration of the Banishing bar, consider the following setup:

  • Sweeper Rifle: Available after clearing the Void Breach in the Dark Woods.
  • Ursa Major Armband: Found in a cursed chest in the Pleasant Highlands region.
  • Soldier of Fortune Ring: Located in the Lumberjack’s cursed chest in the Dark Woods.
  • Banisher Garment and Metamorphosis Necklace: Boosts Banishing bar and provides Spirit gauge refill.

Complement this setup with the following skills:

  • Bane-Powder Bullets: Restores the Banishing bar at the cost of critical hit damage.
  • Removal: Increases Banishing damage based on the opponent’s health.
  • Banishing Shot: Consumes the Banishing bar to increase shot damage by 300%.

Building the Perfect Arsenal: Best Weapons and Equipment in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

Red’s Best Weapons

Rifles for Long-Range Dominance

For Red, the rifle “Opportunist” pairs exceptionally well with the “Gunner Battle Gear” outfit. This combo amplifies damage against wounded enemies and at long distances, making it devastating for open encounters. “Swift Shot” offers an alternative for players skilled with headshots, enabling quick follow-up attacks.

Heavy Weapons for Close-Quarters Mayhem

When facing swarms or in tight spaces, Red’s heavy weapon, “Black Belly,” excels with its strength and vitality stats. The “Banisher Tea” decoction complements this by enhancing strength and vitality further, while the “Spirit Big Form” amulet boosts damage when Antea’s spirit gauge is low.

Antea’s Spiritual Arsenal

Spectral Blast for Crowd Control

Antea’s “Spectral Blast” is a versatile tool for stunning and damaging multiple enemies at once. Combining it with skills like “Spirit Restock” can ensure Red’s rifle is always loaded, creating a seamless flow between the two characters’ attacks.

Spirit Link for Healing and Support

“Spirit Link” is a vital tool for healing Red and gaining Banish points, which are essential for Antea’s ultimate attacks. It promotes teamwork and can be enhanced with the “Swift Banish” skill for faster Banish point generation.

Table: Essential Gear and Abilities

RedOpportunistRifle: High damage against wounded enemies, especially with Gunner Battle GearGunner Battle Gear
RedBlack BellyHeavy weapon: High damage and survivability, best with Banisher Tea and Spirit Big FormBanisher Tea, Spirit Big Form
AnteaSpectral BlastDamages and stuns multiple enemiesSpirit Restock
AnteaSpirit LinkHeals Red and generates Banish pointsSwift Banish

Remember, the best equipment and abilities in “Banishers Ghosts of New Eden” often depend on your playstyle and the specific challenges you face. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right gear is crucial for success in “Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.”
  • Weapons and equipment can be tailored to fit individual play styles.
  • Understanding gear attributes enhances combat effectiveness.

Gameplay and Mechanics

In “Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden,” players navigate through a rich environment filled with challenges and choices that shape their experience. Both combat skills and equipment play crucial roles in surviving the haunting cases that Red and Antea face.

Combat and Skills

Combat in “Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden” is intricate, requiring both strategy and reflexes. Players can engage enemies using a rifle for long-range attacks or a saber for close combat. Successful parries can turn the tide of battle while utilizing skill points to upgrade abilities enhances effectiveness. The skill tree offers paths to tailor combat styles, whether focusing on melee attacks or banishing skills.

Equipment and Inventory

A diverse range of equipment is at the player’s disposal, with items such as the bane ring, banisher garment, and amulets providing various bonuses. Enhancing gear is critical to progress, with upgrades available through acquiring materials and visiting the forge in shelters. Inventory management is key to maintaining a balance between essence, unbound items, and other resources for both combat and explorations.

Exploration and Quests

Exploration is pivotal, with haunting cases and challenging main quests and side quests that uncover the story of Red and Antea. Players will find collectibles and make narrative-influencing choices that affect their journey. Engaging in quests yields experience points (XP) to further develop skills and abilities.

Progression and Resources

Progression in the game is linked to completing haunting cases, upgrading equipment, and harnessing resources. Collecting essence, finding materials for gear upgrades, and the act of ascending all play a role in strengthening Red’s and Antea’s abilities to face tougher enemies.

Enemies and Encounters

The foes in “Banishers” range from spectral entities like specters to possessed enemies and wounded enemies near void breaches. Players must adapt their strategies to the enemy type, with some requiring a focus on attack damage while others must be banished in a specific manner.

Survival and Strategies

Survival hinges on mastering the combat system, effectively managing health, and using strategic approaches to encounters. Skills like Summon Scourge can turn the tables on foes. Tag-team play between Red and Antea introduces varied tactics, and the choice of a defensive or aggressive playstyle impacts the outcome of battles.

Lore and Setting

In “Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden,” players step into a world teeming with ghostly folklore and compelling narratives. Here we explore the intricacies of the game’s lore, focusing on its story and the mystique of its universe.

Narrative and Characters

“Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden” follows the tale of two banishers, Red and Antea, as they combat spectral entities in a quest that spans the dangerous and supernatural geography of New Eden. The characters’ enduring battle against these spectral foes ties closely to personal struggles and a deeper narrative. Red and Antea’s journey through “The Ends of the Earth” takes them to confront a dread entity known as “The Beast,” concluding in multiple potential endings.

World and Mythos

The setting of New Eden is a tapestry woven with haunting mythos and treacherous locales like “The Harrows,” “Mire Marshes,” and “The Dark Woods.” Each site holds its own secrets and challenges, enveloped in a rich backstory that underlies the main narrative. Locations such as “Mount Pleasant” and “Landfall” bear the game’s thematic touchstones: “Death to the Dead” and “A Hellbound Heart.” As players venture through these areas, they must use relic arts such as “Harken” to uncover truths and push back the encroaching darkness that threatens their world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When players dive into the world of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden they often seek the best tools for their journey. The game requires strategic use of gear and knowledge of the best weapons to excel. Detailed below are questions commonly asked by players aiming to optimize their gameplay.

What is the top-rated weapon for dealing with ghosts in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden?

The Grand Behourt has gained attention as a high-impact choice for players. This weapon boosts Charged Heavy attack damage by a significant margin, making it easier for players to take down tougher spirits.

Which equipment pieces are essential for optimal gameplay in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden?

A balanced set of gear is vital. Players should focus on acquiring versatile weapons and protective clothing that offer enhancements to defense and mobility. Items that increase energy reserves or speed can be especially valuable during ghost encounters and exploration.

Can you list the end-game weapons for Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden?

End-game weapons are those that offer high damage and special abilities. Players should aim to collect such weapons by completing challenging quests and fully exploring the map. These weapons will often include those that deal enhanced damage, have elemental effects, or provide tactical advantages like faster attack speed.

What armor set provides the best protection in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden?

The Wanderer Set DLC offers not only the Wanderer Outfit but additional bonuses. This armor set is crafted to give both a defensive edge and stylish appearance, helping players withstand heavy damage and harsh environmental conditions.

Are there any must-have accessories to enhance ghost hunting in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden?

Accessories such as the two Banishers signet rings, identified with Red and Antea, are not just collectibles but also serve a purpose. Other items, like artbooks or Steelbooks, add to the overall experience but may not provide in-game advantages.

Which weapons have the best synergy with specific equipment in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden?

Certain weapons work better in tandem with specific equipment builds. Players should pay attention to weapon and gear descriptions, as they often hint at synergies. For example, a weapon enhancing speed would pair well with light armor that also increases movement speed.

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