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Yes, you can use Skype as a baby monitor. With some simple steps, you can turn a smartphone or tablet into an effective baby monitoring system. This setup requires only a few minutes and just two devices: one in the child’s room and one for you to monitor the feed.

Using Skype or similar apps like Facetime or Zoom allows real-time video and audio monitoring. Skype is free and most people are already familiar with how to use it. Secure the device in your baby’s room, set up the video call, and you can watch and listen from anywhere.

Using Skype for Baby Monitoring: A Simple DIY Solution

Skype, a popular video-calling app, can double as a handy baby monitor. You don’t need special gear—just two devices (like a smartphone, tablet, or computer) with Skype installed, and a Wi-Fi connection. Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Install and Sign in to Skype

Download Skype on both devices. Create a new account for the device you’ll place in your baby’s room (the “baby monitor”).

Step 2: Configure Automatic Answering

On the “baby monitor” device, enable automatic answering for video calls. This lets you see and hear your baby as soon as you call.

DeviceHow to Enable Automatic Answering
ComputerGo to Skype > Settings > Calling > Answer incoming calls automatically.
Smartphone/TabletGo to Skype > Settings > Calling > Answer calls automatically.

Step 3: Position and Test

Place the “baby monitor” device in your baby’s room, ensuring a clear view of the crib. Call from your other device to test the video and audio quality.

Step 4: Monitor Your Baby

Whenever you want to check on your baby, call the “baby monitor” device from your other device. You’ll see and hear your baby instantly.

Additional Tips

  • For better night vision, dim the lights in the baby’s room and increase the brightness on the “baby monitor” device.
  • Use a tripod or stand to keep the “baby monitor” stable and pointed at the crib.
  • Plug in both devices to prevent battery drain during extended monitoring.
  • For a more secure connection, use a private Wi-Fi network.

Remember, Skype isn’t a replacement for a dedicated baby monitor. It lacks features like temperature sensors or motion detection. But, it’s a free and easy solution for occasional use or if you’re in a pinch.

Key Takeaways

  • Skype can be used as a baby monitor.
  • It requires only two devices and minimal setup.
  • Real-time video and audio monitoring are possible with free apps like Skype.

Using Skype as a Baby Monitor: Feasibility and Setup

Setting up Skype as a baby monitor is both practical and cost-effective. Follow these steps for assessing feasibility, initial setup, and connecting devices securely for a reliable video feed.

Assessing the Viability of Skype for Baby Monitoring

Using Skype for this purpose depends on the capabilities of your devices. Evaluate the cameras and microphones on the smartphones, tablets, or old laptops you plan to use. Reliable Wi-Fi is essential. For better security, use Skype’s password protection and enable two-factor authentication.

This setup is ideal if you have old phones or iPads not in regular use. These devices can provide the necessary video stream without additional costs. Compare this with other video conferencing apps like Google Hangouts or Facetime to ensure Skype meets your needs.

Initial Setup of Skype on Your Devices

Download and install Skype on both your monitoring device and the device you will place in the baby’s room. Smartphones, Android devices, iOS devices, Kindle Fires, and old laptops work well. Create a unique Skype account for these devices to keep them separate from your personal use.

Ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for a stable connection. In Skype settings, turn on “Answer calls automatically” and enable “Start my video automatically.” These settings help facilitate an uninterrupted video feed when the call is initiated.

Connecting Devices and Establishing a Secure Video Feed

Place the device with the camera in the baby’s room. Ensure it has a clear view of the crib or play area. Secure the device on a stable surface, like a shelf, using a tripod if necessary to avoid any accidental movement.

Initiate a call from your monitoring device to the device in the baby’s room. The devices should connect instantly using the settings adjusted earlier. Check the video and audio quality to ensure the feed is clear.

Lock the devices with strong passwords and keep the applications up to date to maintain a secure monitor setup. For enhanced security, turn on two-factor authentication in your Skype account settings. This prevents unauthorized access and protects your video feed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up your device for baby monitoring can vary depending on the type and model. Here are some common queries and solutions for popular devices and applications.

How can I set up my iPad for monitoring my baby?

To use an iPad, start by downloading a baby monitoring app like Alfred or a similar app that allows video streaming. Open the app and ensure it can access the camera and microphone. Place the iPad in the baby’s room ensuring it has a good view of the crib.

What are the steps for using my phone as a baby monitor?

To use a phone, download and install a baby monitor app such as Alfred Camera or a similar app. Open the app, grant necessary permissions, and set the phone in the baby’s room with a clear view. Use another phone or device to connect and monitor.

Is it possible to use FaceTime for baby monitoring purposes?

Yes, FaceTime can be used. Initiate a FaceTime call between two Apple devices. Place the device receiving the call in the baby’s room. Ensure it is positioned so the baby is visible. Activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode to prevent notifications from interrupting the call.

Can a webcam be configured to function as a baby monitor?

A webcam can be used with baby monitoring software like Skype. Connect the webcam to a computer and position it to view the baby’s crib. Use Skype to call another device, enabling you to monitor remotely. Ensure the webcam and computer settings allow uninterrupted streaming.

What applications allow the use of a laptop as a baby monitoring device?

Applications like Alfred Camera and Manything can be installed on laptops. Download the chosen app, follow the configuration steps, and ensure it has access to the laptop’s camera and microphone. Position the laptop to have a clear view of the baby’s sleeping area.

How can I connect a VTech baby monitor to my phone if I don’t have the parent unit?

Many VTech monitors come with Wi-Fi connectivity. Download the VTech app specific to your monitor model. Follow the app’s instructions to pair the baby unit with your phone. Ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for seamless monitoring.

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