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In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, having the right armor is important for success in battles. There are different armor sets that suit different playstyles, so choosing the right gear is crucial. This article will guide you through the best armor sets in the game so that you can find the perfect fit for your preferred combat approach in the vast world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Dressing for Success in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gives players a wide range of armor sets to choose from, each with unique perks and stats to complement different playstyles. Whether you prefer stealth, brute force, or a mix of both, there’s an armor set out there for you. Below, we break down some of the best armor sets in the game, organized by their strengths.

Best for Stealth: Hidden Ones’ Armor Set

A classic look with a modern twist, the Hidden Ones’ Armor Set is tailor-made for stealthy players. It enhances assassination damage when you’re crouched and undetected, and it even boosts headshot damage, making it a great choice for players who favor bows.

Best for Melee Combat: Mentor’s Armor Set

For players who enjoy getting up close and personal with their enemies, the Mentor’s Armor Set is a top pick. This set increases your attack after every critical hit, and it also enhances your speed, allowing you to quickly close the distance and chain together devastating attacks.

Best for Ranged Combat: Huntsman Armor Set

If you prefer to pick off your enemies from afar, the Huntsman Armor Set is your best bet. It increases your bow damage and your ability to carry more arrows, making it an essential choice for any aspiring archer.

Best for Exploration: Brigandine Armor Set

While not the strongest in terms of raw stats, the Brigandine Armor Set is an excellent choice for players who enjoy exploring the vast world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It provides solid protection against most threats, and it also increases your chances of finding valuable loot while raiding.

Best for Balanced Play: Thegn’s Armor Set

If you’re looking for a well-rounded armor set that can handle a variety of situations, the Thegn’s Armor Set is a great option. It provides a balance of offense and defense, making it a reliable choice for players who want to be prepared for anything.

Armor Set Comparison Table

Armor Set NamePlaystyleStrengthsWeaknesses
Hidden Ones’ Armor SetStealthAssassination damage, headshot damageMelee combat, defense
Mentor’s Armor SetMelee combatCritical hit damage, speedRanged combat, defense
Huntsman Armor SetRanged combatBow damage, arrow capacityMelee combat, stealth
Brigandine Armor SetExplorationLoot chance, general protectionOffensive stats
Thegn’s Armor SetBalancedOffense and defense balanceNo standout strengths

Understanding Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Armor Mechanics

In “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla,” the armor Eivor wears not only defines their appearance but also significantly affects their capabilities in combat and stealth. Let’s explore how armor works and its impact on your journey through the game.

Armor Stats and Their Impact on Gameplay

Armor in “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” comes with various stats that can enhance Eivor’s performance. These key stats include:

  • Health: Increases survivability in battle.
  • Speed: Improves movement and attack quickness.
  • Stun: Affects the ability to interrupt enemy attacks.
  • Attack: Determines the damage dealt in melee combat.
  • Melee Damage: Boosts damage from close-quarters combat.
  • Ranged Damage: Increases damage from bows.
  • Critical Chance/Damage: Improves the likelihood and effect of critical hits.
  • Stealth Damage: Enhances damage while undetected.
  • Adrenaline: Affects the charge and gain rate, which enables special abilities.

The right combination of these stats can turn the tide in Eivor’s favor, whether through boosting stealth approaches or enhancing the brutality of direct confrontations.

Different Armor Types and Their Roles

Armor in “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” is categorized into Bear, Wolf, and Raven gear, each corresponding to a specific playstyle:

  • Bear armor is tailored towards direct melee combat, providing boosts in health and melee damage.
  • Wolf armor excels in ranged combat, focusing on bow use with increased ranged damage and critical hit capability.
  • Raven armor is designed for stealth, offering enhancements in stealth damage and movement speed.

Notable sets include the stealth-focused Hidden Ones’ Armor Set and Mentor’s Armor Set, the balanced Raven Clan Armor Set, and the sturdy melee-oriented Brigandine Armor and Thegn’s Armor Set.

Playstyles and Corresponding Armor Sets

Players must choose armor that complements their chosen methods of overcoming challenges. For example:

  • A stealthy approach is augmented by armor which emphasizes Assassination and Stealth Damage, such as The Hidden Ones’ Armor Set.
  • For those favoring melee confrontations, sets that increase Health, Attack, and Melee Damage, like The Thegn’s Armor Set, are ideal.
  • A ranged playstyle benefits from Critical Chance and Ranged Damage boosts found in the Huntsman Armor Set.

The right armor set enables Eivor to engage with enemy forces in a manner that suits the player’s strategy, whether sneaking through shadows or charging into battle.

Top Armor Sets and Upgrade Strategies

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers a diverse array of armor sets that cater to different playstyles, each with unique perks and bonuses. Upgrading these sets is essential to maximizing Eivor’s potential in battle.

Best Armor Sets for Various Playstyles


For those who prefer moving unseen, the Hidden Ones’ Armor Set increases assassination damage and at full set, grants a bonus to headshot damage. It’s perfect for players who like to take out enemies from the shadows or from a distance.


If you enjoy close combat, The Thegn’s Armor Set will suit you well. It boosts melee damage and provides an increase in armor when landing critical hits, giving Eivor the edge in the thick of fight.


The Huntsman Armor Set is designed for archers. With its bonus to ranged damage, it helps players who keep their distance and prefer to pick off enemies from afar.

Enhancing Armor through Upgrades and Perks

To get the most out of armor, players should invest in upgrades. This requires materials like nickel and tungsten, which can improve armor stats significantly. Players should also look for armor perks, which offer additional benefits and can complement a player’s skills and playstyle.

Respec: Remember, if your playstyle changes, Eivor can always respec to redistribute skills and align them with the currently equipped armor set’s perks and benefits.

Set Bonuses and How to Maximize Their Effects

Armor sets in Valhalla come with set bonuses when multiple pieces of the set are equipped. For instance, equipping any two pieces of the Mentor’s Armor Set gives a speed boost, and with the full set, a substantial increase to attack after critical hits.

  • Health Restoration: Some sets provide health restoration on kills, a bonus that can be a lifesaver in extended battles.
  • Adrenaline Gain: Other sets may increase adrenaline gain, allowing for more frequent use of abilities.

Players should mix and match their armor to find the bonuses that best suit their needs and enhance Eivor’s abilities in combat.

Expanding Gameplay with DLC Content

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has significantly broadened its horizons through various DLC expansions, introducing new adventures and gear that boost player experience.

New Armor Sets Available in DLC Expansions

Each DLC expansion brings its own unique flair to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with distinct armor sets. The Siege of Paris allows players to don the Paladin Armor Set, which combines defense and offense to make Eivor a formidable force in battle. Crossing into the lore-rich Dawn of Ragnarok, warriors can discover the Odin the All-Father Armor Set, infusing players with the might of the Norse gods. The Wrath of the Druids DLC ushers in the Druidic Armor Set, with aesthetics rooted in Celtic traditions and tied to nature-based abilities. Additionally, the Byzantine Greek Armor Set and the vivid Egyptian Armor highlight the expansive cultural influences within the game. The fierce Fire Giant Armor Set not only stands out visually but also offers unique combat perks.

Exclusive Perks and Skills in Expansions

The expansions are not limited to just cosmetics; they introduce exclusive perks and skills that significantly alter gameplay. Players can wield mythical powers, such as those found in Dawn of Ragnarok, where Eivor channels the skills of Odin, enhancing their combat and exploration capabilities. These DLCs incorporate unique ISU-inspired abilities, reflecting Assassin’s Creed’s ancient advanced civilization, giving players access to fantastical elements previously unseen in the series. The result is a gameplay experience that is constantly evolving, keeping seasoned players engaged as they adapt to new skills and strategies to conquer fresh challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers a vibrant array of armor sets, each with unique advantages across different stages of the game. Whether you’re just starting or gearing up for endgame challenges, choosing the right armor is key.

What armor sets provide the highest defense in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

The Brigandine Armor Set is renowned for its strong defense, perfect for withstanding heavy blows. It shines in the thick of battle, where its bonuses to armor become more pronounced.

Which armor sets are the most beneficial for early gameplay progression?

Newcomers to the Viking saga often find the Huntsman Armor Set valuable. It balances defense and agility and is readily accessible, giving early game players an edge.

What are the top rated armor sets for endgame in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

For players in the late game, the Mentor’s Armor Set is a favorite, thanks to its focus on increasing critical damage, along with the Thor’s Armor Set which provides immense power and strength for those who have proven themselves in battle.

Where can I find the Thegn armor set, and what are its advantages?

The highly sought-after Thegn Armor Set is located in the later areas of the game, like Eurvicscire and Jorvik. It’s prized for its ability to amplify critical chance when at full health, turning you into a lethal adversary in combat.

How do different armor sets compare in terms of increasing evasion stats?

Armor sets such as the Raven Clan and the Galloglach Armor place an emphasis on evasion. These sets boost agility and stealth, allowing for a more nimble and elusive playstyle.

What qualities should I look for in a shield to complement my armor choice?

When selecting a shield, consider one that complements your armor’s attributes. For a defensive build, shields like the Kite Shield enhance protection. If agility is your focus, the Light Shield allows for quick, reactive movements.

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