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Acquiring the Quest

In “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla,” players encounter a unique quest titled “A Feline’s Footfall” which is part of the larger Asgard storyline. Here’s how you can start this adventurous task.

Introduction to A Feline’s Footfall Quest

The quest known as “A Feline’s Footfall” is an intriguing part of “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” that challenges players with a rather distinct objective. In this mission, the player, embodying Eivor, who seamlessly becomes the Norse god Havi during the Asgard segments, is tasked with collecting a mystical item.

Starting the Asgard Storyline

Before this quest becomes available, players must embark on the Asgard storyline. To enter Asgard, one must first reach a certain point in the game and complete specific quests related to the Seer in your settlement. Upon completing “The Seer’s Solace,” players will be led to drink a special potion which transports Eivor’s consciousness to Asgard, the home of the Norse gods. Here, Eivor assumes the role of Havi. “A Feline’s Footfall” becomes accessible after progressing through a few quests in Asgard, including the “Taking Root” quest. Players should look for the quest marker indicating where to begin and follow the in-game guide to set off on their journey.

Locating and Collecting the Cat’s Footfall

In “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla,” players embark on a quest titled “A Feline’s Footfall,” where they face the task of gathering a mysterious item. This section leads you through understanding the riddle, tracking the golden cat, making a calculated leap of faith, and scaling the heights to succeed in your mission.

Understanding the Riddle

The quest begins with a puzzling note, a riddle that hints at the location of the cat’s footfall. Players must pay close attention to this note as it contains the necessary clues to pinpoint the jumping point. To collect the cat’s footfall, it is crucial to interpret the riddle correctly.

Finding the Golden Cat

The golden cat is not just any ordinary creature but a statue that marks the starting point of your endeavor. By studying the map and guide, players can locate this statue situated near a pond. Remember, it’s the leap from here that matters most.

The Leap of Faith

Crucial to the quest, the leap of faith asks players to jump from a high point aiming for a pile of leaves or a haystack to break the fall. For the quest item to be collected, the leap must be executed perfectly from the spot where the golden cat is perched.

Climbing the Tall Towers

To reach the golden cat and prepare for the leap of faith, players will need to climb the tall towers that dominate the landscape. Successful climbing requires a tactful approach, where they must navigate and ascend these structures with precision. Upon reaching the top, one will find the poised golden cat, ready to guide them to their aerial challenge.

Completing the Quest

In “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla,” completing the quest “A Feline’s Footfall” involves skillful play and attention to detail. You will need to retrieve a special quest item and bring it back to a character named Ivaldi.

Returning the Quest Item to Ivaldi

Once the elusive sound of the golden cat’s footfall has been captured, players must navigate their way back to Ivaldi. You can locate Ivaldi in the dwarven city, situated within the mystical region of Asgard. Open your inventory to ensure that the quest item is secure. Players should use the fast travel option to save time, selecting the most convenient synchronization point to transport close to Ivaldi’s location.

Forging the Magical Cord

Meeting Ivaldi with the quest item in hand allows you to progress to the next stage of your adventure. Ivaldi, the blacksmith, is instrumental in the forge where he works to create the impossible ingredients for the magical cord. In the menu, you can track your progress through the “Taking Root” and “Forging a Bond” quest lines. Returning the quest item leads to unsealing the well in your mission to forge the magical cord, an essential step towards completion of the overarching quest narrative. Throughout the quest, companions like your raven and wolf may assist in guiding you to your objectives with their unique abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section zeroes in on the commonly asked questions regarding the ‘A Feline’s Footfall‘ quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, providing clear answers and straightforward guidance.

How do I complete the ‘A Feline’s Footfall’ quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

To complete this quest, players must find and retrieve a mystical item referred to as the “cat’s footfall.” The item is actually the sound of the cat’s leap, which players will find by following visual and audio cues within the game.

Where is the location to find the cat’s footfall for the quest in Asgard?

The cat’s footfall can be collected on a branch of the Great Tree in Asgard. Players should look for a cat made of gold, observing where it jumps from the tree to pinpoint the correct location.

I’m experiencing a glitch with ‘A Feline’s Footfall,’ how can I resolve it?

If a glitch surfaces, players might find it effective to reload an earlier save game before the quest started. If that doesn’t work, restarting the game or waiting for a patch from the developers could be necessary.

What steps should I take to successfully ‘Take Root’ in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

For the ‘Take Root’ quest, players must seek out the Root of a Mountain. It typically involves careful exploration around Asgard to find and secure this unique quest item.

Can you provide a map or guide for locating the ‘A Feline’s Footfall’ in the game?

While no map is included here, you can refer to online guides and walkthroughs. These resources generally offer step-by-step directions and screenshots which detail the specific location you need to visit in Asgard.

What should I do if I can’t collect the Root of a Mountain in the quest?

If you’re unable to collect the Root of a Mountain, one tip is to inspect your surroundings more closely as some quest items require precision to interact with. If the problem persists, checking for game updates or seeking help in online forums might give you a solution.

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