Who Stars In This?
Who Stars In This?

Siri, Apple’s voice-activated assistant, is designed to make user interaction simple and convenient on all Apple devices, including Apple TV. One of Siri’s many talents is her ability to provide information about movies and TV shows. Want to know the cast of the movie you’re watching? Just ask Siri!

Understanding Siri on Apple TV

Siri on Apple TV enables you to control your device using voice commands. You can ask Siri to play a particular movie, open an app, or even find out more about the movie or show you’re watching – including details about the cast, the year of release, ratings, and more.

Activating and Using Siri

How to Activate Siri

To activate Siri on Apple TV, you simply need to press and hold the Siri button (the microphone icon) on your Siri Remote and then speak your command.

Using Siri to Ask About Movie Details

So you’re engrossed in a movie, and suddenly you see a familiar face, but can’t remember the actor’s name? Just ask Siri! Hold the Siri button and ask, “Who stars in this?”.

‘Who stars in this?’ – Siri’s Talent Recognition

Siri will promptly provide you with a list of the main actors in the movie or TV show you’re watching. This information is fetched from the databases that Apple TV integrates with, providing you real-time answers and enriching your movie-watching experience.

Other Useful Siri Commands for Apple TV

Besides asking about the cast, Siri can perform a host of other actions on Apple TV. You can ask Siri to:

  • “Play the next episode.”
  • “Skip ahead 10 minutes.”
  • “Turn on closed captions.”
  • “Show me comedies.”
  • And much more!


Siri’s integration into Apple TV has revolutionized the way users interact with their device, making it a more personal and engaging experience. The ‘Who stars in this?’ feature is just one way Siri can enhance your entertainment. So sit back, relax, and let Siri be your personal movie guide!


  1. Can Siri on Apple TV tell me who stars in the movie I’m watching?
    • Yes, if you ask Siri “Who stars in this?” while watching a movie or TV show, she will provide you with the names of the main actors.
  2. How do I activate Siri on Apple TV?
    • You can activate Siri by pressing and holding the Siri button (the microphone icon) on your Siri Remote.
  3. Can Siri provide other details about the movie or show I’m watching?
    • Yes, Siri can provide a wealth of information about what you’re watching, including the year of release, the rating, and more.
  4. What other commands can Siri perform on Apple TV?
    • Siri can perform a range of actions, such as playing the next episode, skipping ahead, turning on closed captions, and showing you specific genres of movies or shows.
  5. Can Siri control other apps on my Apple TV?
    • Yes, Siri can open apps and play content from a variety of sources on your Apple TV, provided the app supports Siri integration.
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