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Armored Core 6 offers a vast world to explore, with valuable hidden parts scattered throughout various missions. These parts are crucial for upgrading your AC and customizing its loadout, making their discovery a worthwhile pursuit for all Ravens. Here’s a breakdown of where you can find these hidden treasures:

Finding All Hidden Parts in Armored Core 6

🕵️‍♂️ Missions with Hidden Parts

Not all missions contain hidden parts, but the following ones do:

Mission Name# of Hidden Parts
Infiltrate Grid 0861
Tunnel Sabotage (IA-CO1W1: NEBULA)1
Survey the Uninhabited Floating City (IA-CO1G: AORTA)1
Eliminate “Honest” Brute2
Underground Exploration: Depth 1 (IA-C01L: EPHEMERA)1
Underground Exploration: Depth 22
Underground Exploration: Depth 33
Unknown Territory Survey1
Have Reached Coral Convergence1

👀 Tips for Locating Hidden Parts

  • Look for Beacons: Red or orange beacons often serve as clues, indicating the presence of a nearby hidden part.
  • Explore Thoroughly: Hidden parts may be tucked away in corners, behind structures, or even in plain sight. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the main mission path.
  • Utilize Boosters: Use your AC’s boosters to access high platforms or hidden areas.

⚠️ Important Note

Some hidden parts may only be accessible on subsequent playthroughs or after completing specific objectives within a mission.

I hope this guide helps you locate all the hidden parts in Armored Core 6!

Armored Core 6 Essential Part Locations

Locating the hidden parts in Armored Core 6 enhances your mech significantly, making the effort to find them well worthwhile. Here are the key places where you can upgrade your mech in the early and later stages of the game, as well as in special mission-specific locations.

Initial Hidden Part Locations

Early on, players should focus on missions in Chapter 2, where several crucial upgrades can be found. For instance:

  • IA-C01B: Gills – During Mission 12, “Infiltrate Grid 086,” bypass the door at the end of the room and explore behind the furnace to uncover this part.
  • BC-0600: 12345 Booster – Keep an eye out in earlier missions for nooks that may hide these essential boosters.

Advanced Hidden Part Locations

As gamers progress, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 offer more advanced parts:

  • IA-C01G: Aorta Generator – An improved generator that can be found by thoroughly examining the battlefield.
  • IA-C01W1: Nebula Plasma Rifle – A powerful weapon hidden within the later missions, rewarding explorative players.

Depth-Specific Hidden Part Locations

For the dedicated mech pilots, Underground Exploration missions provide rare parts:

  • Depth 1 – Unlocks after certain conditions in the game, offering exclusive parts such as the IA-C01L Ephemera Legs.
  • Depth 2 and Depth 3 – These depths contain even more challenging enemies and hidden spots but promise upgrades like the Wrecker Head and Aurora Light Wave Cannon, which dramatically boost your mech’s capabilities.

These locations offer the hidden parts that will maximize the mech’s performance across various stages of Armored Core 6. A thorough search in these areas guarantees finding the upgrades you need for an edge in battle.

Armored Core 6 Mission-Based Part Locations

In “Armored Core 6,” players can upgrade their mechs by discovering hidden parts throughout various missions. Knowing where these parts are can significantly enhance a player’s build and combat effectiveness.

Part Acquisition Missions

Certain missions in “Armored Core 6” are pivotal for players seeking to improve their mech’s capabilities. These missions often contain hidden parts that can be easily missed if not carefully looked for. For instance, Infiltrate Grid 086 in Chapter 2 is a mission where players can stumble upon valuable parts hidden just beyond combat zones. Similarly, Survey the Uninhabited Floating City and Tunnel Sabotage in later chapters have hidden areas where diligent players can find parts essential for refining their mech build.

Chapter-Specific Part Locations

Each chapter in “Armored Core 6” presents unique missions with specific locations where hidden parts can be found, often after a challenging combat scenario or by exploring off the beaten path. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Chapter 2: During Mission 12: Infiltrate Grid 086, after an encounter with enemy mechs, hidden parts can be found by checking behind silos instead of proceeding directly ahead.
  • Chapter 3: On missions like Reach the Coral Convergence and Regain Control of the Xylem, players should navigate carefully to uncover hidden parts and improve their odds in combat.
  • Chapter 4: Mission Underground Exploration – Depth 1 is known to harbor hidden parts such as bipedal legs, which can be essential for certain mech builds. Players should explore the entirety of the mission areas to ensure no stone is left unturned.

By focusing on these missions and chapters, players can systematically locate and acquire hidden parts critical for success in “Armored Core 6.”

Armored Core 6 Build Optimization

Optimizing your mech for combat in Armored Core 6 is crucial. Integrating hidden parts into your build can offer a significant advantage during battles.

Optimizing Builds with Hidden Parts

To ensure your mech stands out, focusing on finding hidden parts like the IA-C01L: EPHEMERA can make a world of difference. These parts often grant superior stats or unique abilities. For instance, attaching the Gills Booster enhances your mech’s agility, enabling swifter dodges and positioning. The Wrecker head offers increased targeting accuracy, making each shot count in heated combat. Remember, a balanced build that suits your playstyle can incorporate these hidden gems to turn the tide in battle.

  • Head: The HC-3000 Wrecker improves targeting.
  • Arms: Enhance precision or melee capabilities.
  • Legs: Choose based on mobility or stability.
  • Core: Central to power management and defense.
  • Weapons: Hidden weapons like the WB-0000: Bad Cook flamethrower add surprise elements.

Strategic Part Use in Combat

Combat in Armored Core 6 isn’t just about firepower; it’s about smart part use. For example, the Double Trouble chainsaw (WB-0010) can be a game-changer in close-quarters melee, while the Nebula Plasma Rifle offers a balance between range and power. Timing the use of boosters like the BC-0600 can help evade attacks or close in on enemies. Switching between weapons like Plasma Rifles and the G5 Iguazu for long-range assaults must be done thoughtfully to maintain the upper hand.

  • Boosters: Use the Gills Booster for quick movements.
  • Melee: The Double Trouble chainsaw excels up close.
  • Ranged: Plasma Rifles and the G5 Iguazu keep enemies at bay.
  • Adaptation: Change tactics based on the enemy mech’s build and the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Armored Core 6 is a complex game with various hidden parts scattered across numerous levels. These parts enhance the capabilities of your mech. Finding them can greatly improve your gaming experience.

How can I locate all hidden parts in Armored Core 6?

Players can find hidden parts in Armored Core 6 by exploring each level thoroughly. Parts are often concealed in chests or in off-path areas that require keen observation to discover.

What is the total number of secret parts available in Armored Core 6?

The total number of secret parts in Armored Core 6 is not explicitly stated. Nonetheless, it is understood that a myriad of parts exists, to be found across different missions and chapters.

Where can I find hidden parts in Chapter 1 of Armored Core 6?

In Chapter 1, players should focus on the destruction of enemy units and the environment to uncover hidden parts. Some are located behind destructible walls or underneath debris.

Could you provide a comprehensive parts list for Armored Core 6, including the hidden ones?

A comprehensive parts list for Armored Core 6 encompasses core, head, arm, leg, and weapon components. The hidden parts are included within these categories and offer unique advantages.

In which locations of Armored Core 6 are hidden chests to be found?

Hidden chests in Armored Core 6 are found in various levels. Players must carefully search each area. Chests can appear in secluded spots, such as behind structures or down lesser-used paths.

What is the method to obtain the Coral Parts in Armored Core 6?

To obtain the Coral Parts in Armored Core 6, players need to complete specific missions and explore the environments where these parts are rumored to be. Sometimes, earning these parts may require fulfilling certain mission criteria.

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