Ark: Survival Ascended
Ark: Survival Ascended

Many people have been frustrated with ARK: Survival, as it hasn’t lived up to expectations. Despite being anticipated as a significant improvement over its predecessor, with better graphics, performance, and AI, the game has been plagued by issues. Since its early access release on Oct 25, 2023, the game has encountered problems such as crashing and not working. Additionally, there is still no set date for the full launch. Players were looking forward to an enhanced version of the game but have been left disappointed by the ongoing uncertainties and frustrations.

Revised Release Schedule

  • PC Early Access: ARK: Survival Ascended released on Steam Early Access on October 25, 2023, to give players an early taste of the improvements.
  • Console Delays: The console releases (Xbox Series X/S and PS5) were initially pushed back to November 14, 2023, and then again to November 21, 2023 (for Xbox) and November 30, 2023 (for PS5).
  • Full Release: Developers haven’t yet given a firm date for the full launch on any platform.

Factors Behind Delays

  • Writers Guild of America Strike: The ongoing WGA strike caused ripple effects throughout the entertainment industry, including game development.
  • Ambitious Update: The scope of the remake with a new engine and other revisions likely led to an underestimation of development time.
  • Focus on Quality: Studio Wildcard might prioritize polishing the game rather than rushing to a specific date.
  • Countless Issues: Issues have plagued this game from the get-go. A lot of people have trouble playing it without crashes, bugs, etc.

The Wait Continues

There have been ongoing issues with the performance and bugs in the Ark: Survival Ascended series since its inception. Even on the highest-end gaming setups, players have reported struggles to maintain acceptable frame rates. The promised AI enhancements are not yet present, and the behavior of the game’s dinosaurs feels less realistic than ever, lacking the intelligent herd behavior long-awaited by fans. Additionally, there have been numerous delays in the game’s release.

Although these delays may be frustrating, Ark: Survival Ascended has tremendous potential if the developers can iron out all the kinks and release a finished product. The initial early access feedback has been mixed, if not negative, but there is a lot of interest in the game. Players will need to wait until an official full launch date is announced or deal with the buggy early access release.

Release Information

ARK: Survival Ascended made an impression with its detailed environments and dynamic gameplay. This section will guide you through when and where you can jump into this captivating experience.

Launch Platforms

ARK: Survival Ascended is accessible to a broad audience, with availability across multiple gaming platforms. Initially launched on PC through Steam, the game’s reach extended to console enthusiasts with versions tailored for both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. These platforms have been chosen to leverage their powerful hardware capabilities.

Release Timelines

The journey of ARK: Survival Ascended began with its Early Access release on October 25, 2023. Gamers got their first taste of the upgraded world, enjoying new features and revamped graphics.

  • Early Access Release: October 25, 2023
  • Full Release: Unconfirmed, but Expected in November 2024

The timeline showcases the game’s progression from an initial early access phase to a full release, intended to refine the gaming experience with player feedback.

Development and Studios

Studio Wildcard, the original creator behind the ARK franchise, embarked on redesigning the classic ARK: Survival Evolved utilizing Unreal Engine 5 technology. This allowed for striking visuals and performance improvements. Their commitment to enhancing the game experience is evident through the planned regular updates and support post-launch.

Game Features and Performance

In “ARK: Survival Ascended,” players can expect a robust and refined gaming experience, with upgraded gameplay mechanics and technical performance leveraging the power of Unreal Engine 5.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Players engage in a rich survival experience in “ARK: Survival Ascended,” where crafting, exploring, and fighting are central to advancing. The game builds upon the foundation set by “ARK: Survival Evolved,” enhancing familiar features and introducing new ones. Gamers can form tribes, tame and breed a diverse array of dinosaurs and other primeval creatures, and endeavor to rule their surroundings. DLC content also enhances various aspects of gameplay, ensuring a continuously evolving adventure.

  • Craft: Utilize resources to forge tools, weapons, and shelter.
  • Explore: Discover a vast, dynamic world with unique environments.
  • Breed: Propagate your dinosaurs to create a sustaining lineage.
  • Fight: Defend against hostile creatures and rival tribes.

The introduction of cross-platform multiplayer expands the social possibilities, letting friends on different gaming systems play together. This adds a new layer to the social interactions within the game.

Technical Enhancements

“ARK: Survival Ascended” shines with its transformative leap to Unreal Engine 5, which enhances visual fidelity and performance. This upgrade includes technically advanced features like Lumen and Nanite, which provide realistic lighting and highly detailed graphics, respectively.

  • Lumen: Delivers fully dynamic real-time global illumination.
  • Nanite: Allows for virtualized geometry, scaling to millions of polygons.

The developers have focused on improving physics and implementing dynamic water systems, making the world react more realistically to players’ actions. The game also benefits from a refined third-person camera, creating a more immersive experience when traversing the prehistoric landscapes. Performance improvements are notable across all platforms, ensuring a smooth gaming experience irrespective of the system.

By combining enhanced mechanics with technological upgrades, “ARK: Survival Ascended” aims to offer an unparalleled survival experience that remains fluid and engaging for all players.

Community and Modding

ARK: Survival Ascended brings players together through enhanced multiplayer experiences and breathes new life into the game with extensive modding capabilities.

Player Engagement

Players form tribes and work collectively in ARK: Survival Ascended to explore maps and encounter creatures. The multiplayer aspect is enriched by the ability for console and PC players to team up, thanks to cross-platform modding. Community engagement is further fueled by events such as creature votes which directly involve players in the game’s evolution.

  • Multiplayer: Tribe alliances and rivalries form the core of the community interaction.
  • Creature Votes: Players have a say in which new creatures are introduced in game updates.

Supporting Creativity

Modding in ARK: Survival Ascended is a game-changer, especially with support for cross-platform mods that unite the console and PC communities. The game’s upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 opens the door for modders to create and share vibrant mods, including new weapons and map extensions, across different platforms.

  • Cross-Platform Modding: Bridges the gap between console and PC players.
  • Mods Variety:
    • Maps: Expanding players’ worlds.
    • Weapons: Enriching the combat experience.
    • Creatures: Adding diverse life forms to the ecosystem.

Modding not only supports ARK’s longevity but also paves the way for players to define their own adventures in the game, marking ARK: Survival Ascended’s commitment to its community and their creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we tackle some key queries about ‘ARK: Survival Ascended,’ ensuring fans have the latest info on platforms, content, game enhancements, purchasing options, and more.

What platforms is ARK: Survival Ascended available on?

‘ARK: Survival Ascended’ launched on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. The PC release was first on October 25, 2023, followed by Xbox Series X|S and PS5 in November.

What content is included in the ARK: Survival Ascended expansion?

The expansion includes a fully remastered version of the original game with additional maps slated for release throughout 2024. The Center map is expected to roll out by the end of February 2024.

How does ARK: Survival Ascended enhance the gameplay experience?

The remastered version uses Unreal Engine 5, offering improved graphics, performance enhancements, and new features that elevate the gaming experience beyond the original ‘ARK: Survival Evolved.’

Can ARK: Survival Ascended be purchased as a standalone game?

Yes, ‘ARK: Survival Ascended’ is a standalone title. Players can buy it without needing the original game, and it provides access to the enhanced version and upcoming DLC content.

Are there any exclusive features for the ARK: Survival Ascended on console versions?

Exclusive features for console versions have not been detailed. However, developers often tailor games to leverage each platform’s strengths, so differences could arise.

How do I access ARK: Survival Ascended content after purchasing?

After purchasing, the content is accessible via the platform’s game library. DLCs and map releases will be available as they are rolled out, according to the game’s roadmap.

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