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When using an Apple Watch, the ability to make and receive calls on your wrist is a convenient feature that many users rely on. However, some individuals may encounter the frustrating ‘call failed’ notification during their attempts to communicate using the device. This can occur due to various reasons, such as connectivity issues, software glitches, or the need for a system update. Identifying the root cause is essential to resolving the problem and restoring full functionality to the watch’s call features.

Apple Watch Call Failed: Troubleshooting Guide

Possible CauseTroubleshooting Steps
Cellular or Bluetooth Issues– Check Airplane Mode is off (swipe up from watch face, tap airplane icon if lit up).
– Ensure Bluetooth is on on both iPhone and Watch (Settings > Bluetooth).
– Restart both iPhone and Apple Watch.
Outdated Software– Update Apple Watch software (Watch app on iPhone > General > Software Update).
– Update iPhone software (Settings > General > Software Update).
Do Not Disturb or Focus Mode– Verify Do Not Disturb or Focus Mode isn’t enabled (swipe up from watch face, check icons in Control Center).
Network Connectivity– If using cellular, move to a stronger signal area.
– If connected to iPhone, ensure iPhone has a good internet connection.
Incorrect Emergency SOS Settings– (For Accidental Calls) Verify automatic call on Emergency SOS is disabled (Watch app on iPhone > Emergency SOS).
Other Issues– Unpair and re-pair Apple Watch with iPhone (Backs up data before erasing).
– Contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Troubleshooting this issue typically involves a series of steps that users can follow, including restarting the devices, checking for and applying any software updates, and re-pairing the Apple Watch with the iPhone. If these actions don’t solve the problem, users may need to contact Apple Support for further assistance. Throughout the process, users should ensure their Apple Watch has a good connection to their cellular network or iPhone, depending on their model and settings. Solving the ‘call failed’ error restores the watch’s ability to keep users connected no matter where they are.

Key Takeaways

  • Troubleshooting involves restarts, updates, and potentially contacting Apple Support.
  • A successful fix restores the ability to communicate using the Apple Watch.
  • Users should confirm a stable connection for the call features to work properly.

Troubleshooting Call Failures

Experiencing a call failed error on your Apple Watch can disrupt important conversations. This section guides you through practical steps to maintain a smooth calling experience by checking connectivity and resolving device-specific issues.

Checking Connectivity and Settings

Apple Watch relies on a stable connection to place or receive phone calls. Firstly, confirm that both Wi-Fi and cellular connections are active. If Airplane Mode is on, switch it off. Check if the Watch is within range of your iPhone and that Bluetooth is enabled, providing a critical link for communication. Additionally, verify that Do Not Disturb is off to prevent missed call alerts.

For software concerns, check if a WatchOS or iOS update is available by going to the Watch app on your iPhone, selecting General, and tapping Software Update. Updates frequently contain fixes for bugs that could cause call failures.

Resolving Device-Specific Issues

Attempting a restart may resolve call issues. Press and hold the side button on the Watch and drag the slider to power it off. After 30 seconds, turn it back on to refresh its settings. If problems persist, inspect both your iPhone and Apple Watch for any available software updates as these can enhance stability and eliminate known errors.

Pairing issues between the Apple Watch and iPhone can also lead to call failures. To remedy this, open the Watch app on the iPhone, select the My Watch tab, and choose to pair your devices again. If pairing again does not help, you might need to unpair and then re-pair the devices which resolves deeper communication issues. If you have to erase all content and settings, remember this will also remove any Apple ID and passcode, reestablishing the devices to their original state.

Remember to backup any important information before resetting to avoid data loss. After completing these steps, you should be able to call without any errors.

Calls and Functionality

When using an Apple Watch, users expect to make and receive calls with ease. However, they may encounter issues that disrupt this essential feature. This section guides users through solutions to enhance their experience with phone calls, FaceTime, and other communication functions on the watch.

Enhancing Call Experience

Volume Adjustments: The correct volume level on the Apple Watch is crucial for clear calls. Users can adjust the volume during a call using the crown on the side of the watch. They can also check sound settings in the Apple Watch app on their iPhone by tapping ‘My Watch‘ > ‘Sounds & Haptics‘. For a more silent approach, the Apple Watch can be set to vibrate by turning on ‘Silent Mode’ in the same settings menu.

Sound Quality and Earbuds: Connecting earbuds can boost audio quality significantly. Users can pair their Bluetooth earbuds with their watch by going to ‘Settings‘ > ‘Bluetooth‘ on the watch and selecting the earbuds from the list of available devices. This can ensure clearer sound during calls, especially in noisy environments.

Using the Phone App: Initiating calls can be done directly on the Apple Watch via the ‘Phone’ app. They can choose from recent calls, favorites, contacts, or enter a phone number manually to dial. To receive calls, the watch needs to be within normal Bluetooth range of the iPhone or, if using a cellular model, connected to a cellular network.

FaceTime Calls: For a FaceTime audio call, users can ask Siri to make the call by pressing and holding the Digital Crown or tapping the Siri widget. This command is handy when they need to make hands-free calls.

Sending and Receiving Texts: The Apple Watch not only manages calls but sends and receives text messages as well. By opening the ‘Messages’ app on the watch, users can view conversations and reply using Scribble, dictation, or pre-set responses. Notifications can be managed in the ‘Notifications’ section of the Apple Watch app, ensuring that texts don’t go unnoticed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having issues with your Apple Watch during calls can be quite frustrating. Here we address some common concerns and provide straightforward solutions to get your device working properly for calls.

Why does my Apple Watch display ‘call failed’ when I try to make a call?

This often occurs due to network problems, outdated software, or glitches in the Watch’s settings. Checking the network signal and ensuring your Apple Watch is updated to the latest operating system can sometimes resolve this issue.

What causes the ‘call failed’ message on Apple Watches with cellular?

A ‘call failed’ message may appear if there is an issue with your carrier’s cellular network or your Apple Watch is not within the coverage area. Problems can also stem from incorrect settings or the need to update the Watch’s carrier settings.

How can I fix the ‘call failed’ issue on my Apple Watch Series 7?

For the Series 7, start by checking for any software updates. If the watch is up-to-date, try restarting it by holding the side button to power off and then pressing it again until you see the Apple logo. Sometimes re-pairing with your iPhone can fix the communication glitch causing the problem.

What steps should I take if my Apple Watch is not making calls without a paired iPhone?

Check if your watch has a cellular plan activated and that it’s within a good coverage area. Ensure you have Wi-Fi calling enabled and that your Watch is connected to a known Wi-Fi network. These steps help when an iPhone isn’t close by your watch.

Is there a common resolution for call failures on the Apple Watch Series 6?

The Series 6 may require a force restart if calls are failing regularly. Press and hold both the side button and the Digital Crown until the Apple logo appears. This can resolve minor software issues causing call failures.

How do I ensure my Apple Watch rings for incoming calls?

Make sure your Apple Watch is not on Silent Mode. Check the Control Center by swiping up on the watch face and looking for the bell icon. Make sure the bell does not have a line through it. Ensure that the haptic alerts are set to a prominent setting in the Sounds & Haptics section to feel the alerts.

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