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Overview of Apple Pay Cash Back

Apple Pay Cash Back transaction at register, money flowing into customer's digital wallet

Apple Pay, the contactless payment technology used on iPhone and other Apple devices, offers a user-friendly way to earn cash back on purchases. When you use Apple Pay with a supported debit or credit card, cash back is determined by the card’s terms and remains unaffected whether you tap your phone or swipe the card directly.

Apple Card users receive an attractive cash back incentive known as Daily Cash. This feature provides:

  • 3% on Apple products and select merchants
  • 2% on general Apple Pay transactions
  • 1% when using the physical card

The Daily Cash is credited directly to the user’s Apple Cash card daily, rather than monthly, providing instant access to the earned rewards. Users can then:

  • Spend the cash back using Apple Pay
  • Transfer to a bank account
  • Send to friends or family via Messages

Unlike some reward programs, Apple Pay’s cash back doesn’t involve points or complex redemption processes. Set up is done effortlessly through the Settings app, where the Apple Cash card can be easily managed.

To sum it up, whether you’re buying the latest iPhone or shopping at your favorite store, Apple Pay, along with the Apple Card, streamlines the process of earning rewards, making it a smart choice for efficient and lucrative shopping.

Using Apple Pay Cash Back at Registers

Apple Pay provides a convenient way to earn cash back on purchases made at registers, offering benefits like Daily Cash and seamless transactions. The following subsections outline everything you need to know to use Apple Pay for cash back at the register.

Eligible Devices and Setup

To use Apple Pay for cash back, customers need an iPhone 6 or later, iPad, or an Apple Watch. Setting up involves adding a credit or debit card to the Wallet app on an iOS device. For authentication, Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode is necessary.

Participating Retailers and Locations

A wide range of retailers, including Target, Walgreens, McDonald’s, Walmart, and Best Buy, accept Apple Pay. Look for the contactless payment symbol at stores to identify if they accept Apple Pay. Some stores like Costco, CVS, and Safeway also offer cash back with Apple Pay.

Transaction Process and Limits

At participating retailers, consumers can effortlessly make contactless payments at the register using Apple Pay. There’s no specific limit to the amount of cash back you can earn; it depends on the card’s terms. Just bring your device near the payment terminal and authenticate the transaction.

Benefits and Daily Cash

When using the Apple Credit Card with Apple Pay, users get Daily Cash back on purchases. The percentage of cash back varies but includes higher rates at partner stores like Nike, Taco Bell, and Trader Joe’s. The earned Daily Cash goes directly into your Apple Cash card.

Security and Privacy Features

Apple prioritizes user security with features like encryption and tokenization. Each transaction requires authentication, reducing the risk of unauthorized use. In the event of a lost or stolen device, users can immediately suspend Apple Pay via the Find My iPhone service.

Frequently Asked Questions

A customer using Apple Pay at the register, receiving cash back while a cashier assists

When it comes to using Apple Pay, one of the perks that users often inquire about is the possibility of getting cash back during transactions. This section covers common questions to provide you with clear answers.

How can one obtain cash back when using Apple Pay at a store?

To obtain cash back with Apple Pay at a store that supports this feature, use a cash back credit card within the Apple Pay wallet. Ensure the store’s payment terminal is set up for cash back transactions.

Is it possible to receive cash back at an ATM while using Apple Pay?

Yes, you can receive cash back at an ATM using Apple Pay, provided the ATM is compatible with contactless transactions, and your bank supports this functionality.

What retail locations offer the option for cash back with Apple Pay transactions?

Many major retailers provide the option for cash back with Apple Pay transactions. This is often available at grocery stores, pharmacies, and some department stores.

Can cash back be obtained with Apple Pay at convenience stores like 7-11?

Certain convenience stores, including 7-11, may offer cash back when you pay with Apple Pay. It’s important to ask at the store, as availability can vary by location.

Are there specific steps required to get cash back when paying with Apple Pay?

Yes, to receive cash back during an Apple Pay transaction, select the cash back option on the payment terminal after authenticating your purchase, if the terminal supports this feature.

Does Target or Walgreens allow customers to get cash back using Apple Pay?

Retailers like Target and Walgreens may allow customers to get cash back when using Apple Pay. However, policies can change, so it’s best to check with the store at the time of purchase.

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