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The “Apex Legends Upheaval Update” has landed, bringing a wave of changes to the game. This season introduces the new Legend, Alter, known for her Void-based abilities that add a fresh dynamic to battles. Players will find that various balance tweaks and the addition of new Points of Interest (POIs) on Broken Moon map ensure every game feels different.

In this update, the developers at Respawn Entertainment have also added a Solos Takeover mode, giving players a chance to prove their skills alone. The 1x Digital Threat Optic has been removed from the loot pool, prompting players to adapt their strategies. These changes are part of a broader effort to keep gameplay engaging and balanced.

With the update, enthusiasts will notice new weapons and adjustments to existing content, focusing on enhancing overall experience. Alter’s introduction and the map updates make this a must-explore season for both new and returning players.

Key Changes in the Apex Legends Upheaval Update

Introducing a New Legend: Catalyst

The Upheaval update brings a fresh face to the Apex Games: Catalyst. This defensive conjurer uses ferrofluid, a magnetic liquid, to create obstacles and fortify positions. Her abilities include:

  • Piercing Spikes: Throw out ferrofluid spikes that damage and slow enemies.
  • Dark Veil: Create a wall of ferrofluid that blocks vision and slows movement.
  • Ferro Shield: Deploy a dome of ferrofluid that protects allies and strengthens Catalyst’s abilities within it.

Map Updates and New Points of Interest

World’s Edge gets a makeover with the Upheaval update. New points of interest (POIs) like “The Climatizer” and “The Lava Siphon” add new strategic options and dynamic gameplay possibilities. Changes to existing POIs freshen up the map and keep things interesting.

Weapon Balancing and Legend Adjustments

Upheaval doesn’t stop at new content. It also fine-tunes the gameplay experience. Several weapons receive buffs and nerfs to ensure a balanced meta. Legends like Seer and Valkyrie see adjustments to their abilities, creating a more level playing field.

Ranked Mode Overhaul

Ranked mode gets a significant overhaul. A new ranking system focuses on skill rating, making matches more competitive and rewarding. There’s also a new “placement” system that encourages strategic play and map control.

Table: Key Features of the Upheaval Update

New Legend: CatalystDefensive conjurer using ferrofluid to create obstacles and fortify positions.
Map Updates: World’s EdgeNew POIs like “The Climatizer” and “The Lava Siphon,” along with changes to existing POIs.
Weapon BalancingBuffs and nerfs to various weapons for a more balanced meta.
Legend AdjustmentsTweaks to Seer and Valkyrie’s abilities.
Ranked Mode OverhaulNew ranking system, focus on skill rating, and a new “placement” system.

The Upheaval update is a major shakeup for Apex Legends, offering new content, gameplay refinements, and a revamped ranked mode. With a new Legend, map changes, and balancing tweaks, the game feels fresh and exciting.

Key Takeaways

  • “Apex Legends Upheaval Update” introduces the new Legend, Alter.
  • The update brings significant changes to maps, modes, and items.
  • Players can expect dynamic new gameplay experiences and balance tweaks.


The Apex Legends Upheaval update brings a host of new gameplay mechanics and introduces fresh content, including new Legends and other in-game items. Players can expect significant changes that enhance the overall gaming experience.

New Gameplay Mechanics

The Upheaval update introduces several new gameplay features. Players will now find pre-kitted weapons in death boxes, which come ready with attachments. This speeds up combat readiness and reduces the time spent looting.

Another new feature is the auto-heal mechanic for certain Legends. This adds a new layer of strategy in choosing when to heal during intense firefights.

Second chance mechanics have also been added, allowing players to return to the battlefield after being eliminated once. Additionally, upgrades to the ADS recoil make aiming more precise with certain weapons.

Gift from the Rift, a new survival item, and the introduction of support loot bins offers guaranteed weapons, enhancing early game engagement.

New Content and Legends

Alter is the new Legend featured in this update. She is known for her chaotic playstyle, making every moment unpredictable. With abilities like Void Passage and Void Nexus, she can manipulate space to her advantage.

The Solos Takeover mode has been introduced, allowing players to compete individually. This mode tests one’s skills without reliance on teammates.

New weapons such as the Nemesis Burst AR and updated Projectiles add variety to combat. Rotations in Gold Weapons now offer more choices, and items like the Skullpiercer Elite return to change up tactics.

The map Broken Moon has also received significant updates. These changes aim to refresh the gameplay experience, offering new strategies and exploration opportunities for all players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apex Legends’ latest update, titled “Upheaval,” includes several new features, balance changes, and updates to the game. Find answers to some common questions below.

What new features are included in the latest Apex Legends patch?

The Upheaval update introduces a new Legend named Alter, a Solos Takeover mode, and changes to the map Broken Moon. New POIs (Points of Interest) are added, and adjustments were made to existing ones.

What time will the Apex Legends update be available?

The update for Apex Legends typically releases at 10 AM Pacific Time. Players should check the EA website for specific regional times as they can vary slightly.

Are there any server downtimes associated with the current Apex Legends update?

Yes, server downtimes usually accompany major updates. Expect a brief downtime period as the developers implement the changes. It is often around an hour, but it can vary.

What balance changes have been made to characters in the latest season of Apex Legends?

Several Legends received buffs and nerfs in this season. Notably, some abilities were adjusted for balance, and Alter’s kit adds new dynamics to gameplay. The specifics can be found in the patch notes.

What is the download size of the most recent Apex Legends update?

The download size for the Upheaval update is approximately 20 GB. Players should ensure they have sufficient storage space and a stable internet connection.

Has the Apex Legends Season 21 update been released?

Yes, the Season 21 update has been released. It includes the Upheaval changes mentioned above, along with other improvements and fixes.

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