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The debate between the Amex Platinum and Apple Card is a popular topic among credit card fans. This article compares both cards by gathering information from Reddit discussions, YouTube videos, and articles from Fortune and Yahoo Finance. It aims to provide a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Amex Platinum vs. Apple Card: Comparison

FeatureAmex PlatinumApple Card
Annual Fee$695$0
RewardsMembership Rewards points (5x on flights booked directly with airlines or on select prepaid hotels, 1x on other purchases)Daily Cash (2% on Apple Pay purchases, 1% on non-Apple Pay purchases)
Travel PerksUp to $200 airline fee credit, up to $200 Uber credit, up to $200 hotel credit (Hilton Honors), Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status, Delta SkyMiles Silver Medallion Status, CLEAR/TSA PreCheck application fee creditNone
Other PerksGlobal Entry/TSA PreCheck application fee credit, Saks Fifth Avenue credit, Equinox credit, SoulCycle credit, digital entertainment credit, Walmart+ membership creditExtended warranty on Apple products, financing options for Apple products
Foreign Transaction Fees2.7%0%
Credit Score RequirementGood to excellentGood to excellent

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing between the Amex Platinum and Apple Card:

  • The Amex Platinum is a premium travel rewards card with a high annual fee. It’s best for travelers who spend a lot on flights and hotels and can take advantage of the card’s many travel perks.
  • The Apple Card is a no-fee cash back card that’s simple to use and earns decent rewards. It’s a good option for everyday spending, especially if you use Apple Pay a lot.
Apple Card
Apple Card

Key Takeaways

  • Annual Fees: Amex Platinum charges a hefty annual fee, while Apple Card has none.
  • Rewards and Cashback: Apple Card offers a simple cashback system, while Amex Platinum provides a range of perks and membership points.
  • Design and Security: Both cards boast a metal design, but Apple Card omits traditional card details for security.
  • Interest Rates: Apple Card has a variable APR, whereas Amex Platinum encourages monthly payoffs to avoid interest.

Design and Aesthetics

  • Apple Card: Titanium build with a minimalist design, featuring no card number or CVV for enhanced security.
  • Amex Platinum: Metal card displaying traditional card details, including the card number and CVV.

Fees and Charges

  • Apple Card: No annual, international, over-limit, or late fees.
  • Amex Platinum: $550 annual fee, with additional charges for late payments and extra cards.
Platinum Travel Card

Interest Rates

  • Apple Card: Variable APR ranging from 13.24% to 24.24%.
  • Amex Platinum: Offers a ‘Pay Over Time’ feature, allowing cardholders to carry a balance with interest.

Rewards and Perks

  • Apple Card:
    • 3% cashback on Apple purchases.
    • 2% cashback when using Apple Pay.
    • 1% cashback on other purchases.
  • Amex Platinum:
    • Up to $200 in Uber rides annually.
    • Membership points system for purchases.
    • Up to $200 airline fee credit.
    • Access to airport lounges and hotel discounts.
amex platinum card

User Experiences from Reddit

  • A Reddit user shared their 2023 experience, highlighting the ease of tracking expenses with Apple Card and the comprehensive perks of Amex Platinum.
  • Another user debated the choice between the two cards for purchasing a MacBook, weighing Apple Care against Amex’s purchase protection.
  • Discussions also touched on the potential of Amex taking over the Apple Card, speculating on customer service improvements and added perks.

YouTube Comparisons

Insights from Fortune and Yahoo Finance

  • Articles from Fortune and Yahoo Finance provide a professional outlook, comparing the cards in terms of market impact, design, fees, interest rates, and perks.

Tables of Comparison

Annual Fees

CardAnnual Fee
Apple Card$0
Amex Platinum$550

Cashback and Rewards

CardApple PurchasesApple PayOther Purchases
Apple Card3%2%1%
Amex PlatinumN/AN/APoints System

Interest Rates

CardInterest Rate
Apple Card13.24% – 24.24% (Variable APR)
Amex PlatinumVaries (Pay Over Time feature)
Apple Card iPhoneXS Total Balance 032519 big.jpg.large


  1. Which card is better for Apple purchases?
    • The Apple Card offers 3% cashback on Apple purchases, making it more beneficial for frequent Apple customers.
  2. Does Amex Platinum have a higher rewards potential than Apple Card?
    • Yes, Amex Platinum offers a range of perks and a membership points system that can be highly rewarding for frequent travelers and big spenders.
  3. Is the Apple Card more secure than Amex Platinum?
    • Apple Card’s design omits the card number and CVV, enhancing security against physical card theft.
  4. Can Amex Platinum’s annual fee be justified?
    • For users who extensively utilize its perks, such as airport lounge access and travel credits, the annual fee can be justified.
  5. Is Apple Card suitable for international travel?
    • Yes, with no international fees and wide acceptance as a MasterCard, the Apple Card is suitable for international use.


Both the Amex Platinum and Apple Card have their unique strengths. The Apple Card is ideal for Apple enthusiasts and those seeking a straightforward cashback system without annual fees. In contrast, the Amex Platinum is tailored for frequent travelers and those who can maximize its extensive perks and rewards system. Your choice should align with your spending habits and lifestyle preferences.

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