A Short Hike
A Short Hike

Embarking on the journey in “A Short Hike,” players are transported to the serene environment of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. In this indie game, you assume the role of Claire, a bird character tasked with reaching the summit of Hawk Peak. Along the way, you’ll swim, glide, climb, and explore the picturesque landscapes filled with hidden treasures and various activities. As you progress, the game unfolds a story of personal growth and discovery stitched into its adventure tapestry.

The game’s laid-back approach invites players to set their own pace. Whether you are keen on collecting every item or simply want to soak in the environment and meet its charming animal inhabitants, “A Short Hike” offers an experience that caters to both completionists and casual wanderers. As you gear up to conquer the ascent, the path you take is yours to choose, with each twist and turn revealing new quests and engaging activities that enrich the overall quest.

Your Guide to Exploring Hawk Peak Provincial Park in ‘A Short Hike’

‘A Short Hike’ is a charming indie game where you play as Claire, a young bird exploring Hawk Peak Provincial Park. The game’s relaxed atmosphere and focus on open exploration make it a delightful experience. Here’s a walkthrough to help you navigate the island and discover its secrets:

Getting Started

  • Talk to everyone! The islanders are full of helpful tips and might point you towards hidden areas or treasures.
  • Explore freely: Wander off the beaten path! The island is full of secrets and surprises waiting to be discovered.
  • Practice your moves: Claire can jump, climb, and eventually glide with Golden Feathers. Experiment to master her abilities.

Finding Golden Feathers

Golden Feathers are the key to reaching the summit and progressing through the game. Here’s how to find them:

  • Treasure Chests: Many feathers are hidden within treasure chests scattered across the island. Look for sandy areas where you can dig.
  • Quests: Complete tasks and side-quests for the island’s inhabitants – you’ll often earn feathers as rewards.
  • Exploration: Some feathers are simply rewarded for exploring off the beaten path, so make sure to explore every nook and cranny.

Other Fun Activities

  • Beach Stickball: This fun minigame earns you a special prize if you manage to hit the ball enough times.
  • Fishing: Relax with a fishing rod by the water and try to catch different fish.
  • Boating: Race across the lake in a motorboat for a thrilling time.

Essential Tips

Collect coinsCoins can be used to buy helpful items in the shop.
Look for shortcutsThe island has hidden paths to navigate more quickly.
Enjoy the journey‘A Short Hike’ is a relaxing experience, so take your time and savor your surroundings.

‘A Short Hike’ is a lovely game that encourages exploration and adventure at your pace. Enjoy the hike up to the summit!

Key Takeaways

  • “A Short Hike” provides a relaxed adventure, focusing on exploration and personal discovery.
  • Collectibles and side-quests add depth to gameplay, enticing players to explore every corner of the park.
  • Achievements offer additional goals for players seeking a full completion of the game.

Starting Your Journey

As Claire sets off on her adventure in “A Short Hike,” you’ll begin by exploring the laid-back surroundings of the beach, meeting the helpful Ranger May, collecting feathers that are essential for climbing, and learning the basic mechanics you’ll need to navigate the environment successfully.

Exploring the Beach

Claire’s journey starts on the tranquil shores of the island. Here, players can find coins scattered around, which will come in handy for purchases later on. The beach serves as an introduction to the world, where waking up to the soothing sound of waves and seagulls creates a peaceful beginning to the adventure.

Meeting Ranger May

Moving on from the beach, Claire encounters Ranger May, who will provide the first insights into the island’s secrets and Claire’s quest. Ranger May acts as a guide, pointing Claire towards the trails that will lead her to new heights, both literally and figuratively.

Finding Your First Feathers

One of the key items in “A Short Hike” is the feather, which grants Claire the ability to climb steeper surfaces and expand her exploration terrain. These feathers can be discovered, sometimes hidden or in plain sight, and each one collected enhances Claire’s climbing stamina, contributing significantly to her ability to maneuver through the island’s changing elevations.

Learning the Basics of Climbing

As players collect feathers, they’ll learn the climbing mechanics crucial for traversing the island’s landscape. Climbing is simple; you use your feathers for grip and stamina. The more feathers Claire has, the longer and higher she can climb, unlocking previously unreachable areas and making the journey an exhilarating exploration of discovery.

Gathering Equipment

Before embarking on the adventure in A Short Hike, players need a few key items to make their journey easier. Here’s how to find some essential equipment.

Acquiring the Shovel

The shovel, crucial for digging up treasure around Hawk Peak Provincial Park, is obtained by trading a toy shovel with a beachgoer. Players typically find the beachgoer on the main beach early in the game. To make this trade, players must first get their hands on a toy shovel, which can be found by partaking in Beachstickball with one of the characters on the beach.

Finding the Fishing Rod

Fish are more than just sea creatures in this game; they’re valuable sources of coins. A fishing rod can be acquired from a fisherman once players reach the fishing hut. They should look for the hut along the shores as they explore the park. By fishing and selling the caught fish, players can earn coins to spend on other items like Golden Feathers.

Obtaining the Running Shoes

Running shoes are essential for those looking to race in the park. These shoes are given to players by a character named Avery, who is keen on racing. Players find her waiting on one of the trails. She will challenge them to a race, but after completing it, regardless of the outcome, Avery presents the player with a pair of running shoes. These shoes improve the player’s speed and are beneficial for tackling all three of Avery’s track races.

Traversing Hawk Peak

Embarking on the journey to Hawk Peak requires careful preparation and an eye for the unique collectibles known as Golden Feathers. These feathers are not just collectibles; they are key to scaling the steep mountain and carving a memorable adventure.

Scaling the Mountain

At Hawk Peak’s base, adventurers face a mountain that challenges them with its rising cliffs and rugged paths. A smart climber knows that the key to a successful ascent lies in managing stamina effectively. The path upward is lined with natural platforms and ledges, where taking breaks helps retain energy for the steeper sections ahead.

Discovering Golden Feathers

Golden Feathers are critical for the climb. These precious items boost your ability to scale Hawk Peak by increasing stamina, thus allowing for higher jumps and longer climbs without rest. They can be found in various locations or purchased from a fellow climber in need of tuition money. Here is a brief way to track them:

  • Initial Feathers: Start with your first feather from a friendly hiker.
  • Purchased Feathers: Buy additional feathers, each costing 100 coins, which become cheaper if you assist the seller with their tuition.


  • Price: Drops to 40 coins per feather after helping the hiker.
  • Bonus: You obtain a watch, a handy item for your hike.

Reaching Outlook Point

Outlook Point is a significant milestone on the way to the summit. It offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and serves as a breather from the tough climb. To reach this scenic spot, follow the marked trails and use your feathers to overcome the trickier ledges and gustier winds. Don’t forget to relax and appreciate the view – it’s part of what makes the journey to Hawk Peak memorable.

Engaging in Activities

Exploring Hawk Peak Provincial Park offers more than just hiking. Visitors can enjoy beachstickball, relax with some fishing, or even hunt for hidden treasures.

Playing Beachstickball

At the beachstickball court, players can have a ball, literally, with one of the most beloved games on the island. With a stick and a ball, the aim is to hit targets in the fewest tries. It’s like golf but with a beachy twist. Pro tip: Angle your swings to account for the sea breeze.

Fishing Around the Island

Fishing provides a peaceful break from all the action, and there’s a variety of fish to catch. Different locations around the island offer diverse fishing experiences. Use the simple control scheme to cast your line and wait for a bite, then reel in your catch with careful timing.

Hunting for Treasure

Treasure hunting adds an extra layer of adventure to your visit. Keep an eye out for treasure maps; they often lead to hidden gems. Shells also dot the landscape, so collect these for a special surprise. Remember, treasures aren’t always buried—some secrets are hidden in plain sight.

Completing Quests

In “A Short Hike,” helping the island’s residents and completing quests enriches your adventure while you explore the serene Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Let’s tackle how you can aid the inhabitants, gather collectibles, and compete in thrilling races.

Helping the Island’s Inhabitants

Helping out comes naturally when strolling through Hawk Peak Provincial Park. For example, you might meet Avery, who desperately needs to find a lost necklace. By assisting him, you not only get that warm feeling inside but also progress in your journey. Keep an eye out for Ranger May, too, as she might need a helping hand with various tasks, potentially leading to finding new feather locations that allow access to new areas.

  • Ranger May Quests: Involve tasks such as cleanup or exploration, with rewards like feathers.
  • Avery’s Necklace: This quest requires searching areas you might not visit otherwise, turning up new surprises.

Collecting Seashells

The seashells scattered across the island are more than just pretty collectibles. By collecting them, you can engage with a raccoon who will offer unique trades. The seashells can be tricky to find, so scour every inch of the beach and hidden coves for these treasures.

  • Raccoon’s Seashell Quest: Trade gathered seashells with the raccoon for items or hints.

Participating in Races

Get ready to put your agility to the test with parkour races that demand precision and speed. These challenges are not only fun but a great way to demonstrate your mastery over the game’s mechanics. Trek up the cliffs, glide with precision, and enjoy each race as it comes.

  • Mountain Races: Compete in races varying in difficulty, with some being easier and others requiring more advanced skills.

Remember, your quest journeys will lead to items like bait which you can use to help a fisherman or to trade in for wings. Completing each quest not only adds to your overall experience but provides tangible benefits that make your adventure through Hawk Peak an unforgettable one.

Exploring Special Locations

Hawk Peak Provincial Park is full of hidden gems that reward the curious hiker. From the serene Meteor Lake to the eerie Graveyard and the lush greenery of the Forest, each area offers its own unique charm and secrets waiting to be discovered.

Visiting the Meteor Lake

Meteor Lake, nestled in the heart of the park, is a tranquil spot perfect for relaxation. To access it, hikers need to locate the North Trail. The expanse of the lake offers not just beauty, but also a multitude of hidden paths worth investigating, especially north of the lake where some of the most picturesque views can be found.

Uncovering Secrets at the Graveyard

The Graveyard may seem an unlikely place for exploration, but it holds secrets of its own. Hikers often find themselves drawn to this spot, where, amidst the solemn stones, a mound to the northwest reveals an unexpected secret. Keep an eye out for clues that may uncover more of the park’s history.

Investigating the Forest

The Forest is a hiker’s playground, with the Blackwood Trail offering a rich experience. It’s thick with trees, yes, but those willing to venture deeper are rewarded. Hidden treasures and paths are scattered throughout, encouraging a keen eye and a bit of adventure. The Forest is not just a path walked—it’s a mystery to be unraveled.

Discovering Collectibles

Collecting items in A Short Hike adds layers of enjoyment and achievement to the game. Players can find various collectibles like Golden Feathers, complete their Fish Journal, and uncover hidden treasures. Each type of collectible offers unique benefits and challenges.

Finding All Golden Feathers

Golden Feathers are essential for climbing and flying around Hawk Peak Provincial Park. They allow the player to reach new heights and explore previously inaccessible areas. A total of 22 Golden Feathers can be found, and some are awarded for completing tasks or purchasing them from visitors. Keep an eye out for Silver Feathers as well—they boost the player’s climbing agility.

  • Pro Tip: Climb to the highest points to scout for feathers glistening in the distance.

Completing the Fish Journal

Fishing is more than a relaxing pastime in the game. Catching all 14 types of fish fills the Fish Journal, leading to a satisfying checkmark next to each species listed. The player needs to buy a fishing rod and acquire bait to start this adventure.

  1. Obtain fishing rod
  2. Gather bait
  3. Catch each fish species
  4. Complete your Fish Journal
  • Note: Different fish appear in various weather conditions and times of day, so patience is key.

Locating Hidden Treasures

Hidden treasures are scattered across the island, offering a treasure hunt experience. Some are tucked away behind waterfalls or on high mountain ledges. A crucial item in the hunt is the treasure map, a detailed guide showing where players might find these prized possessions.

  • Notable treasures include:
    • Shells
    • Unique trinkets
    • Secret mementos
  • Remember: Some treasures are found by following clues and riddles, adding an extra layer of challenge to your scavenger hunt.

Striving for Achievements

Achievement hunting in “A Short Hike” is a fun way to fully experience the game. Players aiming to achieve 100% completion will find a mix of straightforward tasks and challenging endeavors that test their skills.

Earning Every Achievement

Achievements in “A Short Hike” act as milestones, rewarding gamers as they explore the environment and master various challenges. To earn every achievement, players must commit to thorough exploration and engage in a variety of activities. For instance, the Parkour Master achievement requires players to beat Avery in all three races. Moreover, specific achievements tie into game mechanics, like the Tough Bird achievement, which involves climbing to the peak without using the Golden Feather.

Unlocking Special Items

Special items in the game often correlate with the achievement system. For example, upon completing challenges such as winning races or finding hidden items, players are often rewarded with unique items. One such item is a metal that Avery hands to the players after succeeding in the races associated with the Parkour Master achievement. The In Her Shadow achievement could unlock special memories tied to the main character’s Aunt May, deepening the storyline and enriching the player’s connection to the game. Players must keep an eye out and strive for precise actions to unlock these coveted objects, as they bring depth and personal flair to the gameplay experience.

Wrapping Up the Adventure

As players approach the end of their journey in A Short Hike, they will find themselves scaling the heights of Hawk Peak and tying up any loose ends with quests and collectibles.

Reaching the Summit

Upon nearing the summit of Hawk Peak, players should ensure they have collected enough Golden and Silver Feathers for the climb. These feathers grant the stamina needed to reach the higher altitudes. The path upward is straightforward but steep, and players may need to use the feathers to catch their breath on ledges or to reach new heights with additional jumps.

Finalizing Quests and Collections

Before finishing the adventure, players may want to complete outstanding quests. They can be found across Hawk Peak Provincial Park and often involve collecting various items like shells. Each quest culminates in a reward that can enhance the overall experience of the game. Collectibles, too, are scattered throughout the park, and aspiring completionists will want to seek out every last one for a truly full game experience.

Reflecting on the Journey

As players guide their character through the picturesque Hawk Peak Provincial Park in A Short Hike, each step is more than just a move towards the summit; it’s a chapter in a soothing story of exploration. They’ll encounter fellow hikers, each with their own tales and tasks that add to the journey’s charm.

One of the central elements of the game is the campfire, symbolizing rest and reflection. Here, players take a break from their adventures, interact with other characters, and ponder the paths they’ve chosen. The campfire scenes serve as a gentle reminder of the joys found in the smaller details of life.

The narrative is further enriched by the protagonist’s need to find cell phone reception, a goal that initially drives the ascent. Yet, as the journey unfolds, the call that seemed so crucial fades into the backdrop, overshadowed by the connections made with the park’s visitors and nature’s understated beauty.

Throughout the hike, players learn to appreciate the value of patience and the weight of haste. The climb encourages them to slow their pace, to bask in the silence, and to simply be. When the phone finally rings, the conversation is a poignant moment that captures the essence of the game: it’s not the call that’s important, but the journey it took to get there.

Embracing this serenity, A Short Hike bestows players with an experience not just of hiking a mountain, but of finding tranquility in an often noisy world – all without leaving their seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers important questions you may have while playing A Short Hike with straightforward tips and locations.

How can I reach Hawk Peak in A Short Hike?

To reach Hawk Peak, climb up using the Golden Feathers, which grant higher jumps and longer climbs. You’ll acquire them throughout your journey and especially by assisting other characters.

What are some secrets to look out for in A Short Hike?

Keep an eye out for hidden treasure chests and secret paths. Unlocking additional Golden Feathers enhances your exploring abilities, allowing you to discover even more hidden areas.

How do you unlock all achievements in A Short Hike?

Achievements are unlocked by completing various tasks, such as winning all parkour races and finding all treasure chests. To achieve the ‘Parkour Master‘ for instance, you must beat Avery in each of the three race tracks.

Where can I find all the fish locations in A Short Hike?

Each fish type has specific spots around the island. They are usually found in bodies of water that match their natural habitats, so look for fish in ponds, rivers, and ocean waters.

Can you give tips for mastering beachstickball in A Short Hike?

To excel in beachstickball, practice your timing and aim carefully. Watch the ball’s shadow for better precision, and try to anticipate where it will land to hit it accurately.

How long does it typically take to complete A Short Hike?

The game can be completed in a few hours, but taking your time to explore can extend the playtime. Completion time varies depending on your pace and whether you’re seeking to accomplish all achievements.

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