Extend life of your iPhone battery
Extend life of your iPhone battery

The battery life and durability of your smartphone are crucial in the current digital era. The longer your battery lasts on an iPhone in particular, the longer you can be connected, entertained, and productive. This article offers eight useful suggestions to help you increase the daily battery life and overall battery life of your iPhone.

Knowing the Health of the iPhone Battery

The idea of “Battery Health” must be understood before moving on to the advice. This is how Apple refers to the battery life of your iPhone’s in comparison to when it was brand-new. Lithium-ion batteries lose efficiency as they get older and are unable to hold the same amount of charge. For this, Apple offers a feature under Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

  1. Modify the screen’s brightness

One of the components of your iPhone that uses the most power is the screen. You may save a lot of battery life by turning on auto-brightness or lowering the brightness of your screen.

Adjust the brightness slider manually by going to Settings > Display & Brightness.

Auto-Brightness: With this setting, your screen’s brightness is changed in accordance with the ambient lighting. Change it to “Auto-Brightness” in Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size.

  1. Switch to Wi-Fi from cellular data.

Cellular data uses more power than Wi-Fi. To conserve battery, use Wi-Fi whenever you can. To make sure Wi-Fi is turned on, navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi.

  1. Disable Motion and Dynamic Backgrounds

More energy may be used for motion effects and dynamic backgrounds. Reduce motion and use static backgrounds to prolong battery life:

Decrease Motion may be found under Settings > Accessibility > Motion.

Choose a static background: Pick a new wallpaper in Settings > Wallpaper > Choose from “Stills” or your own photographs.

  1. Consistently update your iPhone

You can keep your iPhone updated with the newest system enhancements and power-saving features by doing so frequently. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to update your iPhone.

  1. Don’t Refresh Background Apps

Background App Refresh enables background app updates, which can use energy. Think about restricting this feature:

Refrain from using background app refresh: General > Background App Refresh in Settings.

Configure for each app: Use the list under the “Background App Refresh” option to choose which apps should refresh in the background.

  1. Take Control of Notifications

By minimizing the frequency with which your screen illuminates and the stress placed on your CPU, limiting the quantity of alerts from apps can help you conserve battery life.

To control notifications: To manage each app, go to Settings > Notifications > and then pick them.

  1. Restart Your Computer

If your battery is still depleting quickly, you could want to reset your settings. By resetting system settings including Wi-Fi passwords and Home screen layout, this action won’t destroy any data.

Change settings: Reset all settings by going to Settings > General > Reset.

  1. Change the Battery

Your iPhone’s life can be extended by replacing the battery if it is significantly deteriorated. We offer fast, same-day iPhone Battery Replacement to all customers in the Southern Nevada area at GadgetMates. If your phone’s warranty has expired and/or you don’t have any AppleCare+ coverage, stop by your location GadgetMates location for the best quality and most affordable option.


Although iPhone batteries are built to survive, they lose efficiency with time. You may extend the daily battery life of your iPhone as well as the battery’s longevity with careful usage practices and a few system modifications. Keep in mind that these pointers don’t simply apply to older iPhones; forming excellent habits early on can assist maintain the performance of newer devices for a longer period of time. So go ahead and optimize and take advantage of the flexibility that comes with an iPhone battery that lasts longer.

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