Weather Apps For Fall
Weather Apps For Fall

Autumn, with its vibrant foliage and crisp air, is many people’s favorite season. But it’s also a season of unpredictable weather. One day it might be sunny and mild; the next, you could be reaching for your umbrella. That’s why having a reliable weather app on your phone is essential during this time. Here, we’ll look at three of the best weather apps that are especially handy for the fall season.

1. AccuWeather

Why it’s great for fall: AccuWeather stands out with its MinuteCast feature, which gives minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours. This is perfect for when you’re unsure if those dark clouds in the distance will turn into a fall shower.


  • RealFeel Temperature: Not just the actual temperature, but how it genuinely feels outside.
  • Daily snapshots: Get forecasts for the next 15 days.
  • Allergy info: Useful for those affected by fall pollen.

2. Dark Sky

Why it’s great for fall: Dark Sky is known for its hyper-local, short-term forecasts. It can notify you if rain is expected in your area within the next hour – incredibly handy for fall’s unpredictable weather.


  • Precise radar animations: Watch the path of approaching storms.
  • Temperature graph: View temperature changes hour by hour.
  • Notification system: Get alerts before it starts raining.

3. Weather Underground

Why it’s great for fall: Weather Underground sources its data from a vast number of personal weather stations. This gives it an edge in providing localized reports, which can be great for spotting those patchy fall rains.


  • Interactive maps: With various layers like temperature, radar, and satellite.
  • Crowdsourced data: Get reports from other users in your area.
  • Sun & moon timings: Know when the sun will set during those shorter autumn days.


Fall is a beautiful season, but its unpredictability can catch you off guard. With these three great weather apps, you can stay a step ahead of the weather and enjoy all the cozy, colorful, and crisp moments that autumn has to offer. So, grab a pumpkin spice latte, download one (or all) of these apps, and make the most of this enchanting season!


  1. Are these apps free?
    • While all these apps offer free versions with comprehensive features, they also have premium versions that offer additional functionalities and remove ads.
  2. Can I use these apps worldwide?
    • Yes, these apps provide weather forecasts for locations all around the globe.
  3. How do they determine “feels like” temperatures?
    • “Feels like” temperatures consider factors like wind speed, humidity, and actual temperature to give an estimate of how the weather feels to the human skin.
  4. How often are the forecasts updated?
    • Most of these apps update their forecasts every hour, but in rapidly changing conditions, updates can be more frequent.
  5. Do these apps work offline?
    • While you’ll need an internet connection to update the forecasts, these apps often store data so you can view previously fetched forecasts offline.
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