3 Apps For The Beach
3 Apps For The Beach

Ah, the beach! The sun on your skin, the gentle whisper of the waves, and the sand between your toes. Sounds perfect, right? But wait—have you equipped your smartphone for the trip? The digital era has brought us some fantastic apps to enhance our beach experiences. Let’s dive into the top three apps that are bound to make your beach day even more splendid.

1. UVLens – Your Personal UV Index Forecaster

Ever returned from the beach looking like a tomato, despite your best efforts? UVLens is here to save the day (and your skin). This app does more than remind you to slap on some sunscreen:

  • Personalized UV Forecast: UVLens provides UV index forecasts based on your location. It tells you when the sun’s rays are strongest and when it’s safest to bask in the sun.
  • Skin Type Analysis: Input your skin type, and UVLens will recommend the amount of time you can spend in the sun without burning. Remember, everyone’s different!
  • Sunscreen Reminder: The app nudges you when it’s time to reapply that sunblock, ensuring you stay protected throughout your beach day.

2. Beachsafe – All About Your Beach

Especially crucial for those exploring new beaches, Beachsafe offers comprehensive information about beach conditions:

  • Weather and Tide Updates: Don’t rely on generic weather apps. Beachsafe gives you real-time updates on the weather, tides, and swell for a more enjoyable beach experience.
  • Safety Flags and Patrol Information: Unsure if it’s safe to swim? The app provides details about the current flags on the beach and if lifeguards are on duty.
  • Local Hazards: From hidden rocks to sudden drop-offs, Beachsafe warns you about potential dangers in the water.

3. Audible – Dive into Stories with Audiobooks

Beaches and books, a timeless pairing. But sandy pages and strong winds can be bothersome. Enter Audible, the perfect solution for beach bibliophiles:

  • Vast Library: From romantic novels to thrilling mysteries, there’s a book for every mood and preference.
  • Hands-free Listening: Lay back, close your eyes, and lose yourself in a story without the hassle of holding a book.
  • Bookmarking Feature: Sea breeze made you doze off? No worries. With Audible’s bookmarking feature, you can easily pick up from where you left off.

Beach days are an epitome of relaxation and fun. With these apps in tow, you’re not just prepared but set for an even more enhanced beach experience. So, pack your bags, charge your phone, and let the waves hit your feet while technology takes care of the rest!


  1. Are these apps free?
    While most of these apps offer free versions, some features might be available only in premium versions.
  2. Can I use UVLens for other outdoor activities?
    Absolutely! UVLens is great for any outdoor activity to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays.
  3. How accurate is Beachsafe?
    Beachsafe collates data from various reliable sources, making its information quite accurate. However, always use your judgment and consult local sources if unsure.
  4. Does Audible offer a trial period?
    Yes, Audible typically offers a 30-day free trial for new users, allowing you to explore its vast library.
  5. Can I use these apps offline?
    While apps like Audible allow offline listening, UVLens and Beachsafe might require an internet connection for real-time updates.
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